Sri Lanka Crunched within Cold War Manouevres?

TPI Media, “The Hidden Hand of US Influence in Sri Lanka: Cold War Strategies Revisited | CIA,” at


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  1. I do not even understand how I ended up here, but I assumed this publication used to be great

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    India will never allow foreign military bases to be set up in India. Politicians know opposition to it would be overwhelming. Sri Lanka should never allow foreign military bases either. Sri Lanka should never sign the US status of forces Agreement which would give immunity to any US serviceman or US official from prosecution should they commit a crime in SL such as murder, rape or whatever. There is no gain whatsoever for SL in such agreements. These agreements are terrible. It would allow the US to operate in Sri Lanka without having to respect Sri Lanka’s sovereignty or abide by Sri Lankan laws. The White Barbarians have returned.

    Ranil Wickramasinghe, that Great American.puppet in Colombo, does support this vile repugnant agreement and even once tried to get it approved, but he was bitterly opposed by more balanced and sensible politicians. The Americans never give up with this sort of nonsense. They have wanted Sri Lanka as a military base for years just like the 5 military bases they have now secured in the Philippines. The Filipinos like a dunce signed the status of foreces ahreemrnt which willl lead to a surge in prostitution and many Filipino women getting pregnant to Americans attached to the military bases. If Sri Lanka goes down that path and becomes entangled with the Americans, the endgame will be a disaster for Sri Lanka. Just look at what a mess the Americans caused in Afghanistan and Pakistan, to name a few. That should serve as a warning to Sri Lanka to never sign up to giving the US a position in SL in their geopoloticsl war. Sri Lanka has enough problems. Interesting that Victoria Nuland happened to be in Sri Lanka and Nepal at the same time as the CIA Director. Wherever Nuland goes, disaster always follows. She is a neocon, a warmonger.

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