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Power Balancing Moves in Asia: Displacing USA

Scott Ritter in Energy Intelligence, 9 September 2022, with this title “India And China Eye Asian Century”

As the world lurches through the growing pains of massive geopolitical change, the US’ relationship with India will increasingly take center stage. Washington likes to see itself as providing a geopolitical center of gravity that is inherently attractive to nations like India, especially against regional competitors such as China. As the US is about to discover, however, India and China have a shared ambition about who should dominate the Pacific in the coming century, and it doesn’t include the US.


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Chinese Counter Cartoon-Attack

….. responding to pro-Western cartoons of the type reproduced in Thuppahi yesterday: entitled “Political Jabs: Cartoos by Johnnes Leak in THE AUSTRALIAN,” ……….

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HMS “Ceylon”: In Service from 1942-1985

Group Captain Kumar Kirinde, Retd. SLAF whose preferred title is indicated at the end together with detials from one inspiration, that from Richard Boyle.



Introduction:  HMS Ceylon was a Fiji-class light cruiser of the Royal Navy. She was of the Ceylon sub class, named after the island and British colony of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). The cruiser saw service in the Atlantic and Pacific theatres during the Second World War. In the postwar era, she participated in actions in Egypt and the Korean War. In 1960 she transferred to the navy of Peru and was renamed Coronel Bolognesi. The cruiser was scrapped in 1985.

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Australia’s Imperialist Face towards the Solomon Islands

Fair Dinkum, … an original essay in response to A Note from Darini Rajasingham (reproduced below)  … but with highlights imposed by The Editor, Thuppahi

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare’s statement that a country intends to invade Solomon Islands is political rhetoric directed at Australia in response to some of the outrageous criticisms against him by Australia over a new security agreement between China and the Solomon Islands. In his criticism of Australia, Sogavare is more than just irritated by US and Australian criticisms of the deal. He is angry, insulted, and deeply disappointed with Australia’s response to the security agreement. In deciphering his comments, we can see Australia’s relationship with the Solomon Islands is on the verge of being destroyed.

Pacific, Solomon Islands, Western Province

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