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Outreach: Solar Lights Dstribted in Lankan by ANDUREN ELIYATA

ITEM courtesy of Chandra Fernando &  Leslie De Silva of Anduren Eliyata …. Visit their Web site  for more details

This particular example displays Chief Priest Rev Kovida from Katoomba Bhavana Vihara, donating lights to people of his village in the Udugama area of Galle Districtgalle district.


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The Humanitarian Social Commitment of Lakshman Wickremesinghe

Professor Rajiva Wijesinha, item taken from Daily News, 24 October 2023, ….. with highlighting imposed by The Editor, Thuppahi

 Bishop Lakshman Wickremesinghe died on October 23 forty years ago. He was my uncle, and I had a special affinity with him with regard to both intellect and emotions. When I came back from Oxford, where he had studied a couple of decades before me, he was the family member who was most supportive of my resignation on the issue of the deprivation of Mrs. Bandaranaike’s Civic Rights, for unlike most members of the elite he understood early on what that meant for the future of democracy, a blight that has never left us since it was followed by a premature Presidential election, the ghastly referendum, and then the attacks first on Supreme Court Judges and then on Tamils.

one moment during Black July 1983

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King Abdullah Speaks Out: A “Two-State Solution” for Palestine Arena

Item in Washington Post, 14 November 2023

King Abdullah of Jordan penned an op ed for the Washington Post yesterday. It can be found at, ….
 Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein is king of Jordan. 

For more than a month now, the war in Gaza has been dividing the world, with the deepening split aggravated by intense emotions. Two narratives, Palestinian and Israeli, have pitted demonstrators, media outlets, religions, peoples and regions against each other. In the process, the moral clarity that we should and must share about basic human values has turned into moral confusion.

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How Collective Belief Heals War’s Hidden wounds

Daya Somasundram, Alvin Kuowei Tay & Rajitha Wickremasinghe, in Cambridge Core Blog, 2 November 2023 ... with the highlights being imposed by The Editor, Thuppahi

The mental and emotional aftermath, particularly from modern warfare that targets civilians, is profound. Civilians suffer alongside combatants, facing deaths, injuries, chronic disability, torture, disappearances, multiple displacements with uprooting of whole communities, loss of homes, destruction of essential services, infrastructure and environment. These traumatic experiences lead to a wide range of mental health issues, from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and substance abuse to family and collective trauma impeding personal and community recovery.

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Obeisance in Asia and the West: The Contexts of Practice … & Thereby Its ‘Weight’

Lorenz Pereira in Email Debate with  A Handful of Pals, November 2023 ……… An Exchange that the Editor of Thuppahi deems worthy of public presentation for wider reflection …. & comment

Most enlightening comments from all of you and I am lost for words that my off the cuff, tongue in cheek somewhat flippant comment on the Maxwell/ Tendulkar incident was given such worldwide publicity by Michael Roberts.  Nevertheless, thanks heaps Michael. As they say any publicity is a bonus.

Glenn Maxwell’s puja to Sachin –the gesture which led to the THUPPAHI Item that sparked a debate among Lornez and pals ….

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For Lanka: The Profound Interventions of Pauline & Dick Hensman

Rohini Hensman, in a commemorative essay about her politically committed parents in the SSA journal POLITY in 2023 where the title runs “A Hundred Years of Pauline And C. R. (Dick) Hensman”

The birth anniversaries of Pauline Hensman (née Swan) and Dick Hensman occurred over the course of the past year [ …]. This attempt to provide an overview of their life and times will inevitably suffer from gaps, since neither they nor most of their contemporaries are alive. It will, therefore, have to draw on the imperfect memories of their children and younger friends, who would have to rely on hearsay for the parts of their lives from which they were absent. Nevertheless, the main events and themes of their lives emerge quite clearly.








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THE VOICE Referendum in Australia: ‘Overview’ of the Results

The brutal truth of the referendum result was that Yes campaign couldn’t cut through to a hesitant electorate

Albanese and Burney stand behind podiums in front of the Australian, Indigenous and Torres Strait flags
Albanese’s position put an absolutely unfair pressure on his Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney to lead the debate.()

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Against the Fascist Atrocities in Gaza: A Petition For All to Support

“I met Jean-Pierre and his partner Tamara Kunanayakam over dinner in Battaramulla at some point in 2013 or so with Dayan Jayatilleka and Jeevan Thiagarajah among the party ….and an amiable boxer dog with whom I developed a warm friendship. Jean-Pierre is a committed Leftist and trade unionist and is familiar with the world scenario; while Tamara’s wide-ranging history and her experience in the ambassadorial circuit also servef as an indicator of their intellectual sagacity.” ……. Michael Roberts

Those who wish to support their campaign should approach

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Naledi Pandor in Severe Critique of Israel & the West

Naledi Pandor,….., speaking at 

VISIT the site AfrikaNowAfrika T …. and listen to her in  this VIDEO-CAST:

NOTE the title: “She Spoke With No Fear! African Politician Slams Israel & The West”

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Support for Palestine on Different Scales….. in London & from Egypt

sent to Thuppahi by A Friend

…. Thousands demonstrate in support of Palestins in London

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