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Aid Across Flood Waters: Dr Enoka Guneratne on Duty

Current Affairs News Item,on Channel Nine, 5 July 2022, where the title reads “Doctor’s mercy dash across surging floodwaters to help patients”

New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet has warned that flooding across the state is far from over. More than 50,000 people are now under flood evacuation orders or warnings and whole suburbs that have been cut off are still in need of access to essential services, which is where Dr Enoka Guneratne comes in. “I come from a third-world country, but I’ve never seen this,” the Richmond doctor, who is originally from Sri Lanka, said about the devastation left by the floods in Sydney’s north-west.

Dr Enoka Guneratne and the SES crew helping her. (A Current Affair)

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May Day Worldwide? The Energy Crisis in Australia Today

Editorial in THE AGE, 17 June 2022, ….

If anything good has come out of this week’s energy crisis it is the realisation that our electricity market is no longer fit for purpose – that after years of inaction we have finally been found out. The question is: what, exactly, can be done?

Australia heavily relies on gas and coal but is shifting towards renewables.Australia heavily relies on gas and coal but is shifting towards renewables.CREDIT:GETTY

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Panic spreads …. A Crocodile joins the Masses in Colomboin Lanka

Right in the heart of BAMBALAPITIYA in Colombo …..

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On the Table: The Nuclear War Option! God Almighty!

Brian Victoria, in Countercurrents, 5 December 2021, where the title is “An Option Taken Off the Table”

As most readers know, whenever the US seeks to force a nation to accede to its wishes, a spokesperson will say, “All options are on the table,meaning the use of military force is at least a possibility if not likely. Seldom, however, will one ever hear a US spokesperson say, “The use of military force has been taken off the table.” Instead, one is left to ponder when military action doesn’t occur if it might have been called off because the offending country acceded to American demands. Thus, the mere threat of military action is sometimes sufficient to bring about the desired result.





Test Firing of the Hwasong Missile North Korea

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The Red Crabs: Amazing Phenomenon on Christmas Island

Christabel, Fiona, Cat and Connor in November 2021 … with frontispiece pix  from Samantha Wright

One of the top ten natural wonders of the world, according to David Attenborough, is happening right now in the thriving rainforests and deserted beaches of Australia’s Christmas Island. Christmas Island is globally significant, home to a wealth of unique and rare sea birds, land crabs and marine life. There are few comparable unspoiled tropical environments left in the world.

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It is Now or Never: Face Extinction Unless ….

so sayeth a DINOSAUR  before the CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERNCE at Glasgow this month … Novmber 2021

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