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Virginia Hall: Spy & Resistance Fighter Extraordinary in France during World War Two

Quintus Andradi as Compiler, whose preferred title is “Stories from the National Archives, UK:  The Incredible True Story of Virginia Hall”.with highlights added by The Editor, Thyppahi

Virginia Hall was born in 1906 into a well-to-do Baltimore family. Her ambition in life was to work abroad for the American diplomatic service, but this ambition was shattered when she accidentally injured herself in the foot while bird-shooting, and her leg was amputated.


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The Netherworld of International Espionage: Then … and ???

Fair Dinkum reflecting upon ………………………………………………..   ………… with the highlights being the Editor, Thuppahi’s insertions

A = I knew about this history, but was aware of the curious perspective taken here with regard to a nexus between global Islam,  India and the Russian revolution. Nonetheless, it is a perspective worth considering as one theory (of many) on  the matter. It’s about Maulana , a founding member of  the Ghadar Party. Not sure if he had much influence on world affairs but….  the tale is interesting in the light of other nationalists such as  Bose and Gandhi. 

Abdul Hafiz Mohamed Barakatullah …  ubhas Chandra Bose

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International Espionage of a Jihadist Flavour

An Indian revolutionary exiled from his homeland urged fellow Muslims not to believe America, France or Britain, but advocated for a unity of socialism and Islam.
Jihad against colonialism: A mysterious link between global Islam, India and the Russian Revolution

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