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Gaza: Glaring Double Standards in the West

Fair Dinkum

It is easy to beat up on a small nation like Sri Lanka. As [Padma Rao Sundarji contends in her article on  Canada’s pro-Tamil Tiger policies], the way the West [did] this [was] to use the threat of sanctions to meddle into the conflict [that prevailed] in Sri Lanka, to undermine the efforts of the Sri Lankan military, and to prolong [Etelam War IV] for as long as possible. Perhaps Canada doesn’t like peace. It is only when you stand up to them, that countries in the West back off.

Pause for a moment to compare the West’s response to Sri Lanka [in the first decade of this century] with what is now happening in the latest war in the Middle East. The West is not calling for sanctions to be imposed on Israel in response to Israel threatening to wipe Gaza off the map, and to cut off food, water and electricity supplies to all three million residents of Gaza. Nor have sanctions been called for after Israel bombed a UN building in Gaza killing 15 UN representatives. That was fine with some Canadian commentators.

Some graphic shots of the scenarios in Gaza after Israel strikes  .… Pix from … & note Map at end of this TPS Item

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Canada’s Muddled Pro-Tamil & Pro-Tamil Tiger Policies Remain

 Padma Rao Sundarji, in Asian Age, 29 September 2023 where the title reads “Two-faced Canada is on a re-run of its LTTE policy”

Is India guilty of assassinating a terrorist in Canada? At least to one of India’s neighbours, Ottawa’s accusation will come as a boring re-run of Ottawa’s inglorious policies, of which it has long been a victim.

For 30 years, one of the world’s bloodiest civil wars had raged in Sri Lanka. What began as a separatist movement in the north and east, quickly escalated into a full-blown armed conflict led by the terror group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Thousands of frightened Tamils sought asylum in the affluent countries of the West.

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Putin shreds the Canadian Parliament’s Idiotic Charade

An Observer from a Black Sea Town ……. in an Original Set of Comments … where the highlightS are interventions from The Editor, Thuppahi

A fair comment by Putin here.  The speaker of the Canadian Parliament introduced a 95 year old Ukrainian to the parliament as “a soldier who bravely fought Russia in WW2. “ This led to 3 standing ovations in the parliament for this brave Ukrainian.

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Canadian Double Standards ….. Both At Home & In Lanka

Professor Chandre Dharmawardena

According to The Island newspaper, 25 of July 2023 [1], the Canadian High Commissioner Eric Walsh in Colombo has barged into the controversy on the Kurundi archeological site. The Canadian HC had met T. Raviharan, a politician who spearheads the protests at the Kurundi site. HC Walsh’s explanation is that “Meeting people in different parts of the country, to better understand their priorities and perspectives, is a normal part of a High Commissioner’s role.”  These words ring hollow if he does NOT meet anyone from the “other side”, or the Archaeological Commissioner and other technical people.

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SLCAC Battle for Lanka in Canada

Link to case CV 21 00663853 and CV 21 00668250 hearing – May 25th

Sri Lankan Canadian Action Coalition (SLCAC) …. Nepean, Canada, 25 MAY 2022 —

Ayubowan !

We had a great hearing day yesterday where Cambridge LLP representing Sri Lankan Canadian Action Coalition and Sri Lanka Canada Association of Brampton along with Mr. Hasaka Rathnamalala representing Dr. Neville Hewage making successful hearing in front of Justice Akbaralli of the Ontario Superior Court.

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