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The Ceylon University College: Its First Fifteen Years, 1920-35

Thiru Arumugam, reproduced courtesy of THE CEYLANKAN August 2019 issue.

The Ceylon University College (CUC) was founded in Colombo in 1921 and prepared students for the external degree examinations of the University of London. It ceased to exist in 1942 when it was transformed into the University of Ceylon. This article traces the progress of the College during the first fifteen years of its existence and concludes with biographical notes about twenty distinguished alumni of the College who studied there during the first fifteen years.

College House, former “Regina Walauwa” beloging to the Warusahannadige De Soysas Fig 3. Former Royal College building transferred to University College, 1923

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Father’s Day, 21 June: An Epitaph for the Fathers who gave their Lives for Future Lankan Generations

Admiral (Retired) Ravindra C Wijegunaratne,* in Island, 14 June 2020, where the title runs “Brave fathers who died for our sons and daughters”

Father’s Day is the day of honouring fatherhood and parental bonds. In Roman Catholic countries, in Europe, it’s celebrated on March 19th, the St. Joseph day. In America, it’s the third Sunday of month of June. So, this year’s Father’s Day is on 21st June, 2020.

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Honeycombed with Societal and Political Fissures: Sri Lanka Now & Ever Before

Michael Roberts, reiterating the original draft sent to a few on 10 June 2020

Recent forum discussions on the topic of “Reconciliation” and correspondence with concerned friends have prompted me to essay an analysis of Sri Lanka’s societal problems over the last 150 years. This is a tendentious quest.

This Map showing districts served by Regional Malaria Officers happens to suit the metaphor “Riddled” and/or “Honeycombed” in my title

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In Memory of Scott Dirckze, 1929-2019

Hugh Karunanayake

Gerard Edward Scott Dirckze,  known as “Scott” to all his friends and acquaintances, passed away in October last year after a brief illness. He had turned 90 years of age earlier that year, and was a man of wide interests, and great achievements in life.

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History of Royal College in 1932 is ‘born again’

Yomal Senerath-Yapa, in Sunday Times, 11 August 2019

A reprint of “The History of Royal College”, a 1932 biography of the school authored by students, was launched at the BMICH yesterday in an event organised by the Royal College 1960 Group, in association with the Royal College Union.

Head of the Project Team Senaka Weeraratna hands over a copy of the second edition of the 1932 publication to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. Royal College Principal B.A. Abeyratna stands by. Former Royal rugby football captain and coach U.L. Kaluarachchi made the keynote address at yesterday’s launch. Dr. Ajit Wijesundera and Mr. Vajira Gunawardene were the other members of the Project Team.

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