Imminent Threat Looms OVER Sri Lanka! Nuland Looms …


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8 responses to “Imminent Threat Looms OVER Sri Lanka! Nuland Looms …

  1. David Wei

    This appears to have been written by President Putin, probably was, and has been forwarded to the subject, and their officers, for possible action. It is likely that it is actionable.
    Funny how all these fellow travellers of Putin and his mate Ci all chose to live in Western countries, njoying the benefits of the very democracy they seek to destroy. Now, is there an anthropological term for that? I know, it’s hypocrisy!

  2. Fair Dinkum

    Putin didn’t write any of this. Many westerners know what Nuland is all about. We don’t need Putin to tell us. As far as I know, Putin has said nothing about her, and doesn’t care what she says or thinks. Neither do most Russians. But as a believer in Western democracy, we expect better, and we don’t like these stupid neocons who Wei supports, destroying our democracy, and that is what they are doing. It is utterly repugnant.

    All the statements above are true. Just to cover a few of them.
    • We have recordings of Nuland saying: Fuck the EU” during Ukraine’s colour revolution in 2014 (see She said it. That is a statement of fact. Putin didn’t force her to say it. Putin never made it up. So if you are saying this claim is false, prove it.

    • Nuland’s husband did found PNAC which did advocate for the illegal war in Iraq. Google it and you’ll find many Western sources to verify it. If you have evidence that this statement is wrong, prove it! And don’t consult with Putin.

    • There is film of Nuland on the internet of her at a senate hearing where she publicly approved the blowing up of Nord Stream 2. Her exact words were, “We are very happy to hear that the Nord Stream 2 has become a pile of junk at the bottom of the sea”. But if you have evidence she didn’t say those words, prove it! Putin didn’t force her to say those words.

    • Nuland did mislead the American people over the Benghazi massacre –a statement of fact. There is nothing there from Putin unfortunately.

    • There exists a leaked telephone call between Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine which confirms that at the height of the Maidan colour revolution in 2014, Nuland was on the phone to the US Ambassador in Ukraine telling him the names of those who will be the new leaders, without any democratic process. So it is not democracy David. It’s all on tape David. All you have to do open is listen and open your mind. It is easy to find the recording on the internet.

    • Nuland did turn up in Sri Lanka in March 2022 when the protests were occurring. That is a statement of fact. We saw here there. Exactly what she was doing there is not yet known, but based on her behaviour over many years, I am sure it had nothing to do with democracy. While Nuland was there, Gotabaya was removed from power. She also turned up in Sri Lanka in February 2022. We saw it with our own eyes. But if you think these claims are wrong, prove it. Also prove that any of this comes from Putin.
    The thing about people like David Wei is that when people like Nuland do bad things as any rational person can tell from the montage above, they always pretend it never happened. And even when it was happening, it wasn’t happening. She never said it. It doesn’t matter. And it is I who find Wei to be so deeply hypocritical. He needs to grow up and stop acting like a child.

    I would like to see a better democracy in Australia and the US, where our diplomats and leaders behave properly, don’t manipulate and lie, find a way to work with other countries, and to not engage in the repugnant activities of toppling sovereign governments just because the US doesn’t like a particular government– that’s not democracy. In fact, it proves the US is NOT a democracy. In all the cases illustrated above, Nuland’s behaviour is undemocratic. It is nothing but pure ideology. And until the US government get it, all Western people should demand better of the government’s foreign policy. It doesn’t matter a hoot what Putin thinks, and we don’t need Putin to work things out for ourselves.

  3. George

    It is a perfectly fair and proper question to ask, what is next for Sri Lanka?

  4. X

    Victoria Nuland once told India to not buy Russian weapons “because they stink”. She said “India must buy US weapons”, I guess because American weapons smell of perfume or more likely of weed.

    As far as I know Russian weapons do not stink anymore than American weapons.

    Nuland doesn’t respect India’s sovereign right to choose who it does business with, and if you don’t respect the sovereignty of a country, you cannot claim to be a defender of democracy.

  5. You’re so awesome! I don’t believe I have read a single thing like that before. So great to find someone with some original thoughts on this topic. Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a little originality!

  6. Steven Bell

    Are the US and Australia democracies? They can’t be democracies when you have a single warmongering capitalist party with two factions (Republicans and Democrats in the US, or Liberal and Labor in Australia) who agree on 95% of the same policies, whose candidates are bought off with limitless campaign contributions from corporations (as in the US), or are handpicked for us by powerful interests (as in Australia). The candidates are chosen for us before we get to vote or have been bribed by money coming from corporations. So we all live in “jack-up democracies” – not real democracies.

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