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Is the Tide Turning in Favour of Russia in the Ukrainian War?

An Observer in A Black Sea Resort Town

1. Russia has started deploying nuclear weapons to Belarus to counter the build up of weapons and forces in central and Western Europe targetting Russia.

 A pro-Russian cartoon of the failed Ukrainian terrorist attack in Belgorod

2. Belarusian President Lukashenko says that “forces” supported by Poland to topple his government and carry out a coup in Belarus will not succeed in part because Belarus knows every individual involved in the plot and are monitoring their activities, and partly because Russia will intervene should any coup like activities even remotely start to occur. Russia already has 50,000 troops in Belarus. It is another sign of desperation by the West.

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Alagappan Muthu’s Discerning Analyses of the First Two IPL finals

Alagappan Muthu, 23 May 2023, with this title  “CSK squeeze the Titans to enter their tenth IPL final” 

Chennai Super Kings 172 for 7 (Gaikwad 60, Conway 40, Shami 2-28) beat Gujarat Titans (Gill 42, Jadeja 2-18) by 15 runs
MS Dhoni has led Chennai Super Kings to their tenth IPL final. He’s had the whole country wrapped around his fingertips without even trying, and nights like these are the reason why. Even the umpires couldn’t win against him.
He met Gujarat Titans on a pitch that he likes – the kind that used to greet international teams during his reign as India captain – and turned their comfort zone into anything but. A team that likes batting second lost for only the fourth time in 18 chases.
Deepak Chahar had Shubman Gill caught on the long-leg boundary for 42Getty Images

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Combating The Damages of War & Accident: Artificial Limbs for One & All … In Lanka


Dr Weerasekera standing 2nd from right facing us with a visiting dignitary at the Friend-in-Need Society building in Colombo Continue reading

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Incisive Strategy & Tactics behind the Defeat of the LTTE in 2006-09

Serge De Silva Ranasinghe …  This article was first available online at jir. on 11 November 2009, where it carries this title: “Good Education: Sri Lankan military learns insurgency lessons”*++*

A SUMMARY: In May 2009, the Sri Lankan government declared victory in the country’s brutal civil war. Sergei De  Silva-Ranasinghe examines the effectiveness of the military tactics that helped defeat the LTTE. … While The Editor Thuppahi has imposed highlighting to stress some key aspects

Sri Lanka’s victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in May 2009 offers insights and lessons in confronting an intractable and formidable insurgency. To achieve victory, Sri Lanka expanded its army and adopted new tactics for the largest military campaign in the country’s history. Determined leadership and superior manpower were ultimately decisive in a war that killed as many as 22,000 rebels and over 5,000 soldiers.


The maps indicate the Sri Lankan military’s advance through the country, the various operations that led to the capture of insurgents and the LTTE’s gradual downfall over the past four years.


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Meaningful Moments at the National War Memorial in Battaramulla, Colombo

Compiled by Gp Capt Kumar Kirinde, SLAF [retd] …. with his title being  “National War Memorial,Colombo and the National War Heroes Day Commemoration”








The National War Memorial in front of the Parliament complex at Sri Jayewardenepura, Colombo is dedicated to all military personnel killed since World War I and police personal killed due to militancy. An annual ceremony to commemorate the velour and gallantry of War Heroes is held at the site on the Remembrance Day unique to Sri Lanka, which is 20th May. This day in 2009 the country’s civil war which went on for 26 years came to an end.

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How The War Memorial in Colombo came into Being

Dr. Narme F. Wickremesinghe, in the Sunday Times ……………..  …….. where the  title is  “The Genesis of the National Remembrance Park”

The red poppy which s”ymbolizes the blood of war heroes is from the poppy that grows in Flanders, France, a Remembrance Park for the war dead. It was at 11 a.m. on November 11 (- the 11th month) 1918 that the Armistice was signed, bringing to an end the First World War. The war heroes are remembered on the Sunday closest to November 11th at 11 a.m. with two minutes silence and all life comes to a standstill including electronic channels and vehicular movement. In this article I will give you an account of how Sri Lanka’s Flanders – the Remembrance Park at Mailapitiya, off Kandy, came into being.


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Tenacity in Life’s Journey: Marvan Atapattu’s Message to One & All

Suresh Murugaser’s Message  …. in FACEBOOK

I’m sharing this story because most people give up so easily. Its an amazing testament to Marvan’s tenacity and intelligence! An amazing story on Marvan Attapattu, Srilankan Cricketer.

It’s a story that needs to be told, over and over again. Making his debut in Test cricket for Sri Lanka, Marvan scored a duck in his first innings. And again, in his second innings.

UNITED KINGDOM – MAY 16: Cricket: 1st test 2002 England v Sri Lanka at Lord’s 1st day MARVAN ATAPATTU / SRI LANKAN OPENING BATSMAN MADE 185 IN FIRST INNINGS (Photo by David Munden/Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Sri Lankan batsman Marvan Atapattu hooks a boundary during his innings against the British Universities at the County Ground Northampton, on the opening day of their tour match (Photo by David Davies – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)

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The Anzac Story: Rushing into the Fields of Slaughter?

Binoy Kampmark, in Countercurrents, 26 April 2023, where the title reads “Politicians and the Anzac Tradition: A Story of Manipulation and Mythology”

While the mass slaughtering of, and slaughter by, soldiers, is always a touchy subject of commemoration, a tension has existed between those who did the fighting, and those who ordered it.  Comfortably secure in furnished rooms and battle props, planners would, as they still do, draw up the blueprints, concoct the strategy, and give the orders.

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Autism & Its Awesome Weight: The ECSAT Intervention in Galle

Michael Roberts

Parents and families who are burdened wth the care of children with advanced degrees of AUTISM have to cope with burdens unimaginable (and some parents do manage to extend unbelievable degrees of love and attention to their progeny — as I winessed a few years back in the course of a field visit with Roshan Samarawickrama of ECSAT in Galle: see  ………………………………………..


In early April this year I was able to witness and photograph one of the special sessions that ECSAT conducts for autistic children and teenagers  at their headquarters every now and then. This task demands one on one aid and encouragement for each and every child/teenager by trained ECSAT aides (mostly female). My pictorial snaps of this work were deemed too amateurish for public display (my assessment). I now have the benefit of professional photographs sent to me by Lakshika De Silva of ECSAT.

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The LTTE and Their Sacrificial Devotion to Cause

Michael Roberts on his Essays on this Theme within the Global Context ……………. JULY 21, 2017 · …………..“Sacrificial Devotion” — How I Entered This Terrain


 Tiger fighters relax in camp, late 1980sPic by Shyam Tekwani who was embedded with LTTE for a while.

With the benefit of a Teen Murti Fellowship I was collecting data on communal violence in India in 1995 when my readings of news archives indicated that the death of Mrs Indira Gandhi by assassination in Delhi induced a handful of individuals in southern India to commit sympathetic suicide. Since news reports did not indicate similar reactions in other parts of India, I began to reflect on the cultural foundations that promoted such expressions – acting, of course, in contexts that also could provide political and economic inspirations. This eventually led to my first essay on this topic: “Filial Devotion and the Tiger Cult of Suicide,” Contributions to Indian Sociology, 1996, 30: 245-72.

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