Sri Lanka’s Woes: “Truthseeker’s” Insights in April 2022

An EMAIL NOTE from Gus Mathews in UK, 25 March 2023 **

This a fascinating read that throws some light into the present-day financial woes of the current predicament in Sri Lanka. It was published some time ago, but it is as illuminating as ever.



US Fingerprints Found Behind Sri Lanka Unrest and the Aragalaya’s Work

** Gus Mathews is a digital Sri Lankan friend whom I got to know when Sanjeewa Jayaweera passed away tragically in Sri Lanka. He was in Perth then but is back now in the neighbourhood of London(?). As far I could gather his ethnic background is liquorice-all-sorts in not untypical Sri Lanka modalities: namely, a mix of Sinhala-Burgher and what have you; in brief, ana chchaaru Lankan and thus in the Thuppahi box in its best and broadest sense.

It is his political gnus and sensibility, however, that I have come to value in the course of our exchanges. So, TRUTHSEEKER should be well-pleased with his assessment of his/her analysis one year back.

Alas, “Truthseeker” is in a spot somewhere in the Western world that demands the protection of anonymity.

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