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IPL Cricket Bubble perforated …. And …

HEADLINES Everywhere

  • Players Exodus from the IPL”The Australian, 27 April 2021
  • “Million-dollar Aussies begin mad dash to safety as Indian exodus looms” –
  • Australia’s Tye tips IPL exodus from COVID-hit India”Reuters in The Hindu

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Landscapes: From Arippu to Jaffna

Sent by Lalin Fernando in Colombo who received the ‘lot’ from A Friend in London; while another Friend in Colombo added this NOTE:

“As usual, the places of interest along the north west coastline, Jaffna (and surrounds) are so varied, the social ‘weave’ so interesting. Each unique element holds their own depth of history. It is impossible to encapsulate even a quarter of that depth and complexity in a short series of images.

I was compelled to attach a page on the bird life – to omit that would have been to leave out some wonderful sights at a beautiful time of the year.

I trust your contacts will enjoy the images and bring back some pleasant memories.”

Pix by Ian Lockwood

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The Essences of Australia — A Lampoon

created perhaps by one CROCODILE DUNDEE?

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Evenitude: Regular ‘Clients’ at Belair National Park

Cameraperson Amateur being Michael Roberts

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Lakshman Watawala’s Wild Life Video in Sri Lanka

Lakshman Watawala

posted on 21 February 2021 ….

with this NOTE: “This video is made from photos I have shot at these locations in Sri Lanka : Kumana, Bundala, Sinharaja, Yala, Uda Walawe, Maskeliya, Horton Plains, Polonnaruwa, Dambulla, Galle and Kandy.” …

And supplemented here by some stills 

Leopards in Congress

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Mannar and Its Surrounds: Stunning Wild Life and Landscapes 

Nadika HapuarachchiTamara FernandoThilak JayaratneJanaka Gallangoda in MANNAR UNBOUND 2018

Mannar Unbound is a photographic documentation of wildlife and archaeological ruins of Mannar. The book is the result of over five years of fieldwork stretching across various seasons during which places were visited and then revisited in order to get the perfect shot……………………. .Dec 16, 2018

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Tasmanian Devils: Their Story

Jason Bittel,, in National Geographic, whose prefered title is “Tasmanian devils return to mainland Australia for first time in 3,000 years”

It’s been 3,000 years since the Tasmanian devil’s raspy shriek rang through the forests of mainland Australia. But now, thanks to a dogged reintroduction effort, 26 of these endangered tiny terrors have returned.

No bigger than a lapdog, these marsupials are famous for their ferocity and powerful jaws, which can reduce large carcasses to smithereens in minutes. But in the 1990s, the species was hit with a contagious and deadly mouth cancer, causing its only remaining wild population, on the Australian island state of Tasmania, to drop to just 25,000 animals.

Tasmanian devils, known for their ferocious temperaments, have been plagued by a contagious facial cancer in recent decades.

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Stomping on Trump in the Manner-Trump

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How Robert Knox’s Opus took shape in 1681

Anna Winterbottom, in The British Journal for the History of Science, Volume 42Issue 4., December 2009 , pp. 515-538 where the title is Producing and using the Historical Relation of Ceylon: Robert Knox, the East India Company and the Royal Society”

Abstract: Robert Knox’s An Historical Relation of the Island of Ceylon was produced, published and enlarged through the collaboration of the author with scholars including Robert Hooke and financial support from members of the East India Company. The Relation should be seen in the context of a number of texts collected, translated or commissioned by the East India Company in cooperation with the Royal Society during the late seventeenth century that informed and shaped both European expansion and natural philosophy. As well as circulating between European intellectual centres, often reorientated in the process of translation, these texts served as practical guides across settlements and trading posts abroad. Comparing written accounts with experience led to annotations and borrowings that served as the basis for further writings. Company records and Knox’s own unpublished works reveal how the Relation was used as the basis for bio-prospecting for naturally occurring drugs and food sources and in efforts at agricultural transplantation spanning the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Through the reports of seamen like Knox, such experiments contributed to contemporary theories concerning the effects of latitude on plant life.

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French Nude contaminates Sacred Bridge in India

ONE: BBC News Item ….

A French woman has been arrested in India for making a video of herself naked on a sacred bridge in the northern city of Rishikesh. The video, shot on the Lakshman Jhula bridge, was posted on social media. The woman faces charges under India’s internet law, and could be sentenced to up to three years in prison if found guilty, AFP news agency reports.

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