Pathum Kerner’s Critical Hand in the Aragalaya

A Conerned Citizen ... ** see Note at Bottom

Thank you Pathum Kerner. Now I understand who you are, and what your intention, your wavs and issues.
You will go down in history as the architect and the leader who systematically guided and led this nation from the beginning towards this epic non-violent ARAGALAYA.

As you rightly said, until we have a new political system in place we should not rest on our laurels.
I note thtat you have thanked and appreciated the following YouTube Channels, individuals and organizations for their contribution for the success of achieving
 – Lawyer Bharatha Tennakone 
 – Sepala Amarasigha
 – Satahan Radio (Tharindu)
 – Upul Shantha Sannasgala
 – Advocata think tank
 – Veritas Research
 – සහෝදරයා tele drama
 – Dr.Harsha de Silva
 – Azam Azim News line
And the books that prompted you, Mr Kerner to launch this effort and the hash tag ………… #Gotagohome2022
– 71කේ කැරැල්ල
– පවූල සහ කුලය …………. …. both by Victor Ivan
– Why Nations Fail
– Principals for dealing with a changing world order
 – Small acts of resistance
PEN NAME for AUTHOR = This was initially presented under the signature “Truthseeker,” but could be mistakenly associated with another article where this pseudonym was deployed. This essay is a forward received from an anonymous source via social media …. a Note deemed significant and one I embellished with photographs of Pathum Kerner  secured from the digital world….. Thuppahi
A FURTHER NOTE from THUPPAHI: ..,,,  Take in Kerner’s PRESENTATION OF SELF in the DIGITAL scene


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2 responses to “Pathum Kerner’s Critical Hand in the Aragalaya

  1. Sanjeewa Jayaweera

    I recall listening to some of Kerner’s presentations on YouTube. He is one who early into Rajapaksa’s childish economic experiments flagged the dire consequences.The few others who did so communicated in English. So it was pleasing that his message was in Sinhala and was easily understood.

    He may have not got intimately involved with the Aragalya at Galle Face Green.

    I have not seen him amongst those who tend to address the media.

    Actually the person who was at the forefront of organizing the silent candlelit street corner protests with placards was I believe a person named Angelo.

    Those gatherings comprised predominantly of English speaking middle class, which subsequently, post Mirihana, expanded to the youth.

    I think we can safely include Kerner in the list of those who pretty early in to Rajapaksa’s tenure tried to educate many as to how dangerous a path the country was being taken along. The pity is not many paid attention.

    The issue is that even many who unashamedly kissed Rajapaksa’s rear are now identifying themselves as part of the Aragalaya!

    Good of you to have featured him. Certainly a voice of reason and commonsense.

  2. Indy

    Smart fellow to understand the politicians leading the Country in the wrong path

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