USA’s Squeeze on Sri Lanka?

Darini Rajasingham Senanayake in Email Note

Air-Sea Cyber Blockade of Sri Lanka to stop fuel arriving in the country from Russia or Iran and deepen the economic crisis these months of June-July by starving the economy while US controles Sri Lanka’s Oceans and Airspace – see this link:  ……………….. Sea Vision Training US Department of Defense Field operatinve in Sri Lanka June-July training SL Navy: See this link:
120 Sri Lanka-bound flights diverted to Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi airports
This is a QUAD operation to enable US colonization of Srl  Lanka ……….. Union Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia applauded Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi airports on Wednesday for going out of their way to help the crisis-hit nation


   “ODC’s Sea Vision third phase training concludes successfully” …. in Ceylon Today, 4 July 2022 ….



The landing and refuelling of Sri Lankan Airline planes in southern India, surely, were (and are) sheer necessities and an useful shoulder of support in the present circumstances. I would like to see Darini’s logic and line of argument on this point.

A FURTHER DISCLAIMER from THUPPHAHI’s Editor, 15 July 2022
Three readers of the Thuppahi items have questioned the space I have given Darini on the grounds that she is a conspiracy theorist who relies on flimsy evidence. Since all three are judicious critics of the West, these words of caution must be given weight.
That said,  readers, do take note of  (A) the piece  by Benjamin Norton that is presented earlier in Thuppahi: ……………………………………
(B) the challenges that I will be presenting to my Aloysian friend RANJAN DE SILVA’s pro-Western stance in an email NOTE he has sent me …. [in the next day or so]


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2 responses to “USA’s Squeeze on Sri Lanka?

  1. Fair Dinkum

    I agree with you Michael. Darini’s claims here go well beyond what is fair and reasonable. I see no evidence whatsoever that Quad are trying to colonialize Sri Lanka. It’s nonsense.

    We need to avoid making speculative claims without solid evidence, and combine evidence with logic to support an argument or claims.

  2. Edwar T. Upali

    USA has sanctions & trading blockades against Russia as well as Iran. So anyone who buys goods from Iran or Russia cannot transport them to their buyers via the sea or air, without being intercepted by the US Navy or Air Force. This trading blockade unfortunately affects Sri Lanka as well., although the blockade is not directed at us.

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