Propaganda Battles re Sri Lanka: Russia & The West

Fair Dinkum

As further evidence that the West are still pushing the China debt trap narrative and that it did not stop in 2017, but has continued with even greater vigour than before, and is not being pushed by a few interests, but is part of a major Western propaganda campaign that stretches across the globe, here is another great example.

The item is of particular interest because it shows how the US uses back channels, in this case a purported academic in India, to push the China debt narrative on Russian television. This item aired on RT on 30 May 2022, so it is very recent. [RT = Russian Television ….] Here, RT brought in Suvrokamal Dutta (described by RT as a “Political and Foreign Policy Expert ” but who knows nothing about Sri Lanka) to talk about the causes of the crisis in Sri Lanka.

Dutta attributed the economic and political crisis in Sri Lanka to Chinese debt traps, and not only that, he went on, without a shred of evidence, to claim Chinese debt traps are responsible for the collapse of Afghanistan and Pakistan in a dominoes effect, implying China was using debt traps to collapse these countries. It is total bullshit.  Let me repeatIt is total bullshit!

In the case of Afghanistan, their economic crisis has come about because the US seized and stole billions of dollars of Afghanistan’s money, gave half of the billions to victims of 9/11 for which Afghanistan was not responsible, and have refused to give the rest of the billions back to Afghanistan because like the cry sook baby the US are — their departure out of Afghanistan and their humiliating defeat at the hands of a bunch of remote robed people running around with guns and sticks, was too much to bear and so the US has decided to deny Afghanistan their rightful monies which are needed to feed the Afghan people and rebuild schools and infrastructure. The evidence is clear as daylight to any intelligent rational person. You don’t have to be a Russian propagandist to see it. You only have to open your eyes to the truth and stop smoking the good stuff that clouds your critical faculty and allows Western propaganda to go through you like a dose of Carter’s liver pills.

At the time that item appeared on RT, Suvrokamal Dutta was spreading disinformation on Twitter claiming monkeypox was created in a lab in China. These guys never stop the lies, and so these anti-China narratives are NOT a small thing pressed by a few interests, but A BIG THING as part of a US global anti-China propaganda campaign that is in full force

I hope RT and the Russian authorities are now aware of how the US uses back channels via India and other countries in Asia to spread their disinformation on Russian television, and close that loophole.  I believe the Russian authorities now understand the problem and have taken appropriate action to ensure Western propaganda doesn’t filter into the Russian media through people like Suvrokamal Dutta.

As a major criticism of RT, I would like to say, how the hell could Russia pick an Indian who knows nothing about Sri Lanka to speak about the crisis in Sri Lanka. Why didn’t RT get a Sri Lankan to talk about it.

I have given you three examples of how the China debt trap narrative is still alive and being played out by the West by major interests across the globe infiltrating academia and media organizations everywhere, so the claim that it is only a small thing by a few interests is crap!

A Further Note from FAIR DINKUM in response to Thuppahi’s Query:

Yes, RT is

It is actually banned in the West, including Australia – an action which I oppose. Russia is entitled to a narrative and to have it heard.

The West label RT as the Kremlin propaganda machine, but that’s nonsense.

The West have a propaganda machine and both Russia and the West engage in propaganda but there is a big difference.

The essence of propaganda is about manipulation and both Russia and the West are doing it, but in the case of the Russia their news is accurate, truthful and they don’t lie so much and so any manipulation uses facts and things that are true.  Whereas the West manipulate audiences with lies and openly admit that they do it.

So Russian television provides a great service for those seeking more information about the world, which the West don’t want us to know.

So it is advisable to read and watch all sources, identify their interests, including elements in common, weed out the propaganda,  and you arrive at a clearer picture at what is happening in the world.





·      Russia Today or Rossiya Segodnya ………… 



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