Peter Jennings presents A Manifesto For War

Raucous Aukus … in an original essay for Thuppahi, who has taken the liberty of inserting highlights selectively

Peter Jennings is without doubt the most odious and dangerous warmonger in Australia today. His frequent writings in The Australian demonstrate an absolute hate for dissenting or opposing voices. He claims to be a man of peace, yet his writings read like a Manifesto for War.  He has reiterated that bipartisan support for Aukus is fundamental to keeping it going, and that politicians on all sides must stand united with Aukus and America and resolutely against China.

He knows if dissenting voices continue grow, his Aukus plan will evaporate into ruins.

He hates the views of Keating, Bob Carr, Kim Carr and West Australian senator Jordan Steele-John (see attached film). He hates the many growing rational voices in Australia calling for an end to Aukus and the warmongering, and for Australia to pursue an independent foreign policy within the geographical region to which it belongs – a region that has little to do with the US, UK and Europe.

Jennings now tries (in vain) to shut the “naysayers” down with disingenuous claims and fallacious arguments against what he refers to as the “Anti Aukus” group.

That Marles and Wong, according to him, have dismissed Keating’s “angry and out of date views” as meaningless rhetoric.  I didn’t find Keating to be angry. His views are fresh, innovative, contemporary and deeply relevant for Australia today. It is Jennings who is out-of-date – fossilised in an 18th century Captain Cook mentality.

It was disgusting to see him being awarded the AO for effectively sabotaging Australia relationship with China in the name of Australia’s national interests – whatever that means. I suspect he means US national interests. Jennings has caused the greatest damage to Australia-China relations that will take many decades to reverse.  And he is not satisfied. He wants to go further and totally sabotage it for America’s interests.

He clearly doesn’t know China and doesn’t genuinely care about China. He constantly pushes false narratives on China. He is firmly attached to the US globalist war establishment and works for US national interests.

Australia is going down the wrong track entirely because of Aukus.

May the “Anti Aukus” voices blossom till every Australian embraces it.




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3 responses to “Peter Jennings presents A Manifesto For War

  1. Daya Wickramatunga.

    Aukus can adversely affect peace in the neighbourhood.
    Australia should take into consideration the need for Regional Peace. Good relations with China, however difficult it seems (particularly after the Aukus), will improve the trade relationships with China, which has its advantage in the long term..

  2. EMAIL COMMENT from Rosita Henry ( a Sri Lankan Aussie in Queensland), 23 March 2023:
    “Great piece!”

  3. Rex Olegasegarem

    Completely agree with Thuppahi’s comments on the hopeless AUKUS deal. Paul Keating is right in that we have to be mindful of the region in which Australia is located. China has never threatened Australia’s sovereignity and there is no need to antagonize our close trading partner. Our Prime Minister , who is very level-headed on most issues appears to be swayed by US/UK pressure.

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