The World’s Propaganda War Today: Take Keating Seriously

An Observer in A Black Sea Town

The opinion writers for The Australian newspaper, like Peter Jennings, who adopt anti-Chinese, anti Russian, and pro American positions, do not critically analyse the subjects they write on. There is no critical analysis in their writings. Their purpose in writing is to propagate official Australian-American perspectives to educate/propagandize ordinary Australians into being good little Australian citizens, very nationalistic and pro-American. At present, their role is to demonize China and Russia as the bad guys, America and the West as the good guys, so that if war comes, Australians will go along with it.
Keating …. a lesson for Jennings ….

Go back to Italy and France in the late ninettenth century:- they did the same thing.
Go back to WW1 and WW2, and the degree of provocations taken by the British in WW1 and the Americans in WW2 (against Japan) they played a role in those wars, which is seldom discussed or thought about today.

Two things a Government needs to control in orderto create a sense of nationalism in a country. First is the education system, and second the media. They are both different, but serve a similar purpose.

Ask students coming into a stage 1 International Relations course in Australia which country they think threatens Australia the most, and the majority will say “China”, and that is because of what the media tells them to think.  China is not a threat to Australia, not a military threat or economic threat. China posses an economic challenge against the US, which is natural and not wrong, and it because of Australia’s desire to support America that it says China must be a threat to Australia too. Paul Keating is correct in his analysis. But the Peter Jennings figures hate him and depise him, and condemn him.
Having gone through the experience of the past 3 or 4 years of Western nonsense, I’ll never trust the West again, and never feel good about them. It is quite a shock to realize this after many decades of living. The West is going down the wrong track completely. The West had a good argument in WW2, but back then the Neocons and Globalists weren’t running things. Once the neocons/globalists seized power of US/Australian/UK/Western foreign policies, everything the West has done has been wrong – from the Vietnam war, the Iraq war, bombing of Yugoslavia, meddling in the Middle East, and much more. None of those things were right.
What I like about Thuppahi is that the perspectives and analysis you find expressed on the site, you will never find in the mainstream Australian media.  Who do the Australian media companies select to write for them? Their so-called journalists are handpicked, they have some journalism training, but more important in the selection criteria is that they all share the same Western ideological thinking, like cardboard cutouts.  Whenever the media does allow an opposing voice to be heard, like Paul Keating,  the idealogues will come out the next day and slam him. It is like you’ll find in standup comedy show. If a heckler starts shouting during the performance, or storms out, the comedian on the stage will slam him for two reasons (1) to make the heckler insignificant, and (2) as a warning to others in the audience to not do the same thing. Of course, the audience will cheer the comedian on when he slams the heckler leaving the theatre. It is the same thing in the media today.
Other than Keating, most letter writers to The Australian support the idealogues, and the very few that do have a criticism, it will be very very mild.  Thuppahi is much more independent. What I find interesting about the site is the intolerance by some to any view that exists outside the Western/Australian/UK/Anglo-Saxon/Amercian ideological mindset; the ease at which these people will label an opposing voice as a China or Russian puppet, etc.   The West is not always right; not always good, have their own interests, but many are totally blind to their weaknesses and faults. Delusional.
One: This bloke in a “Black Sea Town” has actually sent this Memo in an Email RESPONSE to comments from some of my Sri Lankan readers relating to his previous post: viz:….
Two: Prasad Kariyawasam (b. 1954), a Richmondite friend from Galle who served Sri Lanka in the Foreign Ministry and held ambassadorial and UN posts that included service in USA, sent this note in response to the Black Sea man’s first post: “I wonder , why only Western analysts write against policies of its own governments position on Ukraine, while no Russian writer says anything against Putin’s adventure in Ukraine, unless 100% Russians  back Putin !!?”

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