Charlie Hebdo’s Cartoon Insights on the Hamas-Israeli Atrocities

Observer from a Black Sea Town

The latest edition of the French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo presents a series of cartoons that focus on the war between Israel and Hamas. In one cartoon, a man who appears to be a Hamas representative is unable to wash blood off his hands due to Israel cutting off the water supply in the Gaza Strip. “This is barbaric,” says the man in the cartoon. 

“This is barbaric!” 

In another cartoon, the author of the drawing mocks the failure of Israeli intelligence, which “trusted too much in technology” – a reference to the overreliance of AI technology to detect immediate threats to a nation, and a reminder that human intelligence (HUMINT) matters.

  Le Renseignement Israélien……A trop fait confiance à la technologie (Israeli Intelligence…trusted too much In technology

But perhaps my favourite is the next cartoon in which members of the Nobel Committee are surprised that “every time they award the Nobel Peace Prize, a new war begins in the world.”  Perhaps peace will only break out if the Nobel Committee stop meeting to award prizes for peace!  The heading in bold at the top reads, Inquiétude à Oslo (Worry in Oslo).

A Chaque fois que L’on Décerne le prix Nobel de la paix…Une nouvelle guerre éclate!… (Every time the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded…A new war breaks out!)

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