Vengeance Unrestrained in Palestine: Pictorials Awesome, Atrocious, Awful

This graphic video-item was sent to me by a venerable Burgher-Lankan friend in Melbourne. It is NOT for viewing by the fainthearted ……  because it is a deliberate circulation of a graphic example of HAMAS ‘justice’. 

This éxample’ should be appraised alongside the graphic photographic instances of Israeli ‘justice’ and retaliation through  ‘surgical’ air strikes and artillery bombardment: see


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3 responses to “Vengeance Unrestrained in Palestine: Pictorials Awesome, Atrocious, Awful

  1. Mo Marikar

    King Herod, the Jewish king ordered the killing of the firstborn in every Jewish household since a soothsayer had indicated that a first born Jewish baby would bring about a new world order.
    That Jewish first born child grew up to be Jesus and became the face of Christianity.

    So be careful when pointing the finger at a supposed criminal because four fingers can point back.

    Hamas did some cruel and evil deeds, no question. The question is … were they driven to such extremes by the cruelty of the Israeli State.

    There are extreme forms of cruelty on both sides.

    Bringing a balanced approach is advisable.

  2. An EXTENDED ËMAIL COMMENT from “Fair Dinkum in Australia, 14 Octoer 2023:
    “A very strong condemnation of Israel’s actions in Gaza coming from the UN.

    In a display of monumental arrogance, Israel rejected the UN statements as poppycock, and is relentlessly continuing on with the extermination of Palestinians from Gaza, with the support of Australia and the Australian peoples, who are thirsty for a blood sacrifice. Australians have gone from one extreme of opposing Russian occupation of Ukraine to supporting the destruction civilian infrastructure throughout Gaza, the annilation of the Palestinian people by means of ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

    Israel has bombed apartment buildings all over Gaza resulting in the displacement of over 500,000 Palestinians, deprived of food, water, medicine and shelter. The West stands by applauding Israel.

    See also


    Meanwhile, a convoy of vehicles carrying civilians in Gaza was destroyed by Israeli air strikes as the West cheers Israel on to greater heights of extermination of Palestinians.

    And all the HERALD SUN can do this morning is blurt out propaganda of Hamas “beheading babies”, a story that was discredited as fake news a day after it was splashed across every newspaper in the Western world. It is all about manufacturing consent in the West to support the extermination of Palestinians.

    Some idiot in the Herald Sun named Campbell reckons that pointing the above out is some sort of “evil ideology”. In other words truth has become an “evil ideology” while lies and propaganda are venerated as pure and on the side of the angels. God bless Australia in its righteousness to distinguish what is pure and what is evil.

  3. Enoka Corea

    Meanwhile, footage from the Gaza killing fields remains hidden from public viewing

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