Gross & Oversimplfied Propaganda Lines in the Australian Press Today

X … with highlights imposed by The Editor, Thuppahi

In the Western world, we are taught to believe there are two worlds – a good world and a bad world. There is no in-between. The West is always on the side of good because, we are told, it has “values”, though we are never told what those values are. The word “values” could well relate to the values of colonialism, neocolonialism, liberalism, and exploitation of non-Western societies.  
Analyse this article by Matthew Knott in The Age

What are we to think from this article? Behind the great AUKUS warmongers, there exists a force for good, doing good deeds as “freedom’s protectors”,  but lurking away in the background is this malignant force called Donald Trump – whose evil charisma threatens the stability of the “Free World”, and in a “Trump tantrum” he could bring the AUKUS house of cards tumbling down.   We are supposed to believe that Trump is hiding away in a demonic castle, plotting all sorts of evil things for the world; that he is an evil demonic force that voters must never elect into power because the Neocons are a “force for good,”  and Trump has threaten to “drain the swamp”, though he never did that last time.  We are told Trump is “unpredictable” and therefore “dangerous” and demonic, and that is why America must vote for Biden.
I can remember a week before the last US elections, Greg Sheridan writing an essay in The Australian sounding grave alarm bells and that it was vital for voters to keep Trump in office as a force for stability and protecting the “Free World”. What are we to believe from such monkey journalists?
The propaganda never stops….
It is good to see Peter Hartcher has gone on leave. Perhaps he is attending one of those CIA propaganda schools for journalists, funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, so he can fine tune his propaganda skills.
ADDENDUM:  Note the headline from the SMH version reads: “Trump’s ‘evil charisma’ menaces the US – and Australia”. The headline suggests Australia is a vassal state of America. These two countries represent “Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Amercian” ideology.

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