Picasso’s Worldly Wisdom: Obliterating The Dog

A Canary Club Reader, … with highlighting emphasis imposed by the Editor, Thuppahi

Finally, after twenty years of non-stop propaganda in the Western media, here is an article in British and Australian newspapers that actually contains a nugget of truth, though a very tiny nugget.  The key point to observe is in the final two paragraphs which attempts to suggest why Mr. Picasso painted over the dog. It is an intriguing question.

Why did Picasso paint over the dog?  It was because leaving the dog in would have drawn the observer’s eye away from the main subject of the painting. The main subject of the painting is to depict “elegantly dressed men and women dancing, drinking, and gossiping”. The dog would get in the way of the subject.
This is a lesson taught in any good introductory course in fine arts and/or music composition. It is about what to put in, what to leave out, and the placing subjects within the space of the composition. It is also about visual/music languages as well, but that point is not covered here.


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