Democracy under the Gun in Sri Lanka

Jayadeva Uyangoda, in Sri Lanka Guardian 24 September 2020, where the title is “The End of Sri Lanka’s Democracy”

The debate on the proposed 20th Amendment to Sri Lanka’s 1978 Constitution is gathering momentum. The proposal, which has been published in the Government Gazette, is indeed a constitutional bombshell, literally. Its provisions are very destructive in their objectives as well as consequences. 


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3 responses to “Democracy under the Gun in Sri Lanka

  1. dickie bird

    Jayadeva Uyangoda always tongue in cheek a self centered critic. Take a look at the statue of Liberty and the mother of democracy, does Jayadeva the critic find resemblance of Democracy in that Country?????????
    America is pursuing Democracy in the darkness.
    20th Amendment should be critiqued, if a new Constitution fails to materialised as promised as promised.
    As for now the 20A should be passed to control self serving Rats like Jayadeva Uyangodas.

    • You know zip, zero and zilch about US Democracy.
      Try and grasp these facts.
      There is no other constitution in the world that is based on inalienable rights. Inalienable rights are rights which can never be altered, reduced or removed by any human agency whatsoever. They are the rights that Americans possess as their birthright. The US is a Republic (not a Democracy) which is based on and governed by democratic principles.
      The heart of these principles lies in a constitution which mandates the meticulous separation of Administrative, Judicial and Legislative branches of the government. No branch of the US government has absolute power or authority.
      This means that an American president can never be a dictator.
      “Democracy in the darkness”? You make me laugh.The darkness here lies entirely in your abysmal ignorance of what Democracy means. SL is a democracy in name only. In SL you have a naked dictatorship scantily covered by a tattered scrap of fabric which the ignorant and misguided mistakenly call democracy. Worse, your dictators themselves are in turn the puppets of an even greater and far more intransigent dictatorship which has made your country its vassal.

  2. I note the light rail mass public transport system has already been junked this week by Executive Presidential decree. There will be no change of policy towards, nor funding for, any improvement in public mass transport until the Siamese-twin-like bonding of the Panchikawatte lobby of car/bus/lorry and spare parts importers and corrupt/greedy politicians/ruling elite is severed.

    Unlikely however, as “Money Talks” much louder than common sense and climate change predictions! ‘Short term thinking for short term gain’ is the order of the old and new century!!!

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