Vale. In Memoriam. Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

In sadness, we record the passing away of Dr. Rajasingham Narendran, truly a Tamil intellectual in difficult times who did not let his ethnic sentiments distort his commitment to fact and realistic assessment. There cannot be a greater testament to his commitment to TRUTH than his terse description of the discovery of the rotting corpse sof his mother, brother and family aides after they had been killed by the IPKF in 1987 (repeated below in full to remind readers of their own frailties and the realities of war).

“Naren,” alas, was man whom I met only once …. a man who traversed investigative paths far removed from his training and did so in the incisive ways expected in his specialist field. I borrow his familial details from the VALE recorded in COLOMBO TELEGRAPH where he was a contributor of informative articles.


Dr. Rajasingham Narendran was a Veterinarian who secured his Ph.D from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada in Applied Physiology and Endocrinology. Has served as an Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer at the University of Peradeniya, Research Associate at the University of Guelph and Associate Professor at the King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, he has served for many years as a Senior Executive in the food industry in Saudi Arabia.

He is a son of Late Canagaratnam Rajasingham and Late Florence Ariamalar,

Beloved Husband of Vasanthi (Sri Lanka),

Loving Father of Balamurali (USA), Hari Muhunthan (Canada), Jegan Mayan (Sri Lanka), Mithila (Sri Lanka),

Loving Father-in-Law of Late Michele, Kim (Canada), Monika (Sri Lanka),

Devoted Grandfather of Makai (Canada), Kailan (Canada),

Loving Brother of Easamanohari (Canada), Late Manoharan, Selvi (UK), Neela (India), Jayadevan (UK) and Gowri (UK).

Remains lie at his home and cottage leaves at 3 pm Monday for cremation. Address: 66/20, Fortune Terrace, Kalalgoda Road, Battaramulla.



I hereby present briefly what I witnessed with regard to the bodies of my family members and others killed by the IPKF on day 10 of their murders: My mother: 68 year-old at the time of her killing. Slim build. Had been attacked by animals and crows and was in an advanced state of decay. My brother: 38 year-old at the time of his death. neither obese or thin. Body intact though bloated. The gardener: Age approx. 60 years. Obese. All flesh had fallen off and the skeleton was clearly visible. A neighbour’s watchman: Age approx. 60 years. medium build. Only thigh bones-femurs and the skull remained. The rest of the body had been consumed or carried away by animals.

The incident happened in the month of October, when the climate is relatively mild. Maggots and flies were swarming around the bodies.

These observations imply that in the Vanni in the period around April’ 2009, when the summer is at its hottest, bodies would have decomposed faster. the older and the obese bodies would have deteriorated faster than those of the younger and thinner ones. Being largely an area that is in proximity to jungles and teaming with wild animals of all sorts, most of the dead would have been partially or totally consumed by wild animals.  Flies and maggots would have accelerated the decay.


 A long-distance camera shot by an amateur cameraman (Roberts) near Kumana Wild Life Reserve in 2016 showing a local jackal gnawing away at the remains of a local buffalo


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