Narendran Rajasingham’s Note on the Moon-Panel’s Report

Dr Rajasingham Narendran who worked in Saudi Arabia for many years and is retired now, is a Tamil nationalist who has not hesitated to expose the LTTE for what it had become. He has advocated the case for national reconciliation and mutual accomodation between the communities in Sri Lanka over several years. In the last few days there has been a heated discussion on the Moon-Darusman Report within a web circle, with some of the Tamil participants hurling sharp criticisms at each other. Narendran submitted this MEMO as a contribution to this debate. I consider it useful for a wider audience to have access to his viewpoint. Also see his more recent essay describing his two-month stay in Jaffna in transcuurents. Michael Roberts
 Dear [deleted name]

Thanks for your clear and wise stand.  You have said what had to be said very well and unambiguously.   What we have to be concerned  is justice for those who survived the direct effects of the war.  This covers the Tamils, Sinhalese and the Muslims. This is a concern that should be shared by all Sri Lankans.  How we are going to set about it in an organized manner is a big question.  Those who are seeking revenge, believing that the side they supported during the war were angels, while those on the opposite side were the devils, are responsible for the debate that has enveloped the Ban Ki Moon sponsored report. Revenge and damning the various players in the war will not bring back the dead, replace lost limbs, and heal various wounds that have befallen the people who were in the midst of the war and survived it.  However, they can be helped to put their lives together and take steps towards an acceptable future.

We, the Tamils, as a people have failed in this regard. Individual efforts such as yours and many others are useful, but mere drops in the ocean compared to the immensity of the problems.  The Sri Lankan government, against whom many are seeking revenge, has done more for these people, than we- their kith and kin. We as people will have a right to be critical of the Sri Lankan government, if we had come forward en-masse to help these people.  This will be an ugly blot in our history as Tamils.While I find the Ban Ki Moon sponsored report, generally acceptable, it has relied too heavily on various interest groups for its information. It has not  been able to interview the victims of this war directly and hear their narrative.  To blame both sides equally is a cop out.  I feel those who instigated a renewed war, without any consideration for the consequences need to be blamed more.  Those who called the Sinhalese and the Sri Lankan government the mortal enemies of the Tamils, were stupid to expect a different outcome.  The report does not focus enough on this aspect of the war.  It is rather unbalanced because of these reasons.

I am partially retired now and have spent a considerable amount of time in Jaffna.  The people there are trying to build their lives under very difficult circumstances – the consequences of war on the society at large.  These people have no interest in revenge or in the contents of this report.  What they expect now is peace and the environment and the help to make their lives acceptable.

With best regards,

Dr. R .Narendran



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  1. Are you sure that your talking about corrected person? As far as I knows that Dr. Narendra’s based is not London but in Middle East and Colombo. And some background informations on his are not relevant. – Nil

  2. It is his brother who is in London and there was some confusion on my part but Narendran has since ca clarified matters and a corection will be made. Yes he is indeed in the Middle East. the two central aspects is that (1) he is part of the diaspora; (2) that he has been middle-pf-the road in Tamil politics in recent times and (3) that he is committed to placing his body in work among the Tamils residing in Sri Lanka in the near future. He is also a Tamil nationalist. I consider all these facets vital to a reading of his viewpoints. Michael Roberts

  3. robert perin

    It is good to note that in these extremely dire time for Tamils,there is someone who can look at the facts squarely in the face and lay the blame where it belongs.

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