The Induction Oath of Tamil Tiger Fighters at their Passing-Out Ceremony

Michael Roberts

Adle plus Tigress Adele Balasingham and a LTTE fighter — BBC, 1991

Apropos of the misleading interpretations of suicide attacks by Western commentators such as the political scientist, Robert Pape, it is important to note that the act of suicide was initially adopted by the LTTE as a defensive tool to protect the organisation from the leaking of information after capture. It was also a mark of their dedication to the Tamil liberation cause and thus a method of drawing popular admiration. It was not till 5 July 1987 that it was deployed as a low cost precision weapon when Miller (a nom de guerre) drove a truck bomb into an SL Army encampment at Nelliyadi. This was but one instance of uyirayutham — life as weapon.

As training was formalised, like all armies the LTTE had a passing out ceremony for their fighters. The induction of a batch of female fighters is graphically depicted in a BBC documentary filmed in the LTTE territories in 1991 where one sees/hears them chant in unison in response to their female commander’s initial prompt:

“Our revolutionary organisation’s purified aim

is for a free society to achieve Tamil Eelam

My life and soul and all this I sacrifice to

our organisation’s leader, our brother, Mr Prabhakaran

We fully accept that for him we will be very faithful and trustworthy

The aim of the Tigers – Tamils’ freedom.”




oath 6

Though this oath has been presented in articles elsewhere it is buried within lengthy texts so it is reproduced here as a means of introducing readers to the important BBC documentary entitled “Suicide Killers.”


As further supplement I list articles where I embellish the details of the LTTE’s dedication to cause and their organisational capacities; as well as one that addresses Islamic fervour and another that addresses hate speech, rumour mongering and ethnic bigotry.

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ALSO NOTE Roberts: “Marakkala Kolahālaya: Mentalities directing the pogrom of 1915,” 13 March 2013, …itself a reprint of an original essay that appeared in Roberts: Confrontations in Sri Lanka, Colombo, Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2009, pp. 113-54, ISBN 978-955-665-035-8.




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    Adel is not the only Socialist clueless young woman from Australia to be preyed on by Indian Parasite Socialists in London. These Indian Colonial Parasites from Ceylon were among other Indian Parasites who frequented the Socialist ghettos in London. Particularly the Fourth International. I know few other Parasites who married such woman and settled in UK and other Western countries. Indian interests financed them and some are still working for the India cause of the Genocide of Sinhalese.

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