Undercover LTTE infiltration and operational activity within Sri Lanka 2014

from Udeshi Amarasinghe:  at “Modus Operandi:  Tamil Diaspora and LTTE Organisations” ….  in http://www.defence.lk/new.asp?fname=Modus_Operandi_Tamil_Diaspora_and_LTTE_Organisations_20140605_05

Two suspects involved in LTTE propaganda activity was taken into custody while distributing posters in Jaffna in March 2014. Following investigations conducted by law enforcement officers, they trailed a known ex-LTTE cadre by the name of Gobi who had escaped the Vavuniya Welfare Centre after the end of the conflict. The suspect was hiding in a house in Kilinochchi and when the team went to arrest him, he opened fire on the team and an officer was injured. The house he was hiding in was searched and an F-3 type metal detector was found. Investigations further revealed that they were to use this metal detector to find arms and explosives dumped by the LTTE. This metal detector had been stolen from an NGO involved in demining operations in the east of Vavuniya. gobi's land Thevihan, Gobi and Appan

Investigations in this incident led to further arrests of eight suspects of which five were non-rehabilitated ex-combatants who had been assisting Gobi-who had been handled by a LTTE cell operating from Switzerland with links to Nediyawan group. An arms cache was recovered from one of the suspects, Ravindran Madini, who is a non-rehabilitated LTTE cadre from the Malathi regiment. A search of her house and premises revealed one metal detector, mortar bombs, RPGs, Thamilan (LTTE hand grenades), unserviceable claymore mine, T56 ammunitions and bore shotgun ammunition concealed in a plastic barrel. Gobi was staying at Balendran Jayakumari’s house and upon her capture information was collected where the global networks were revealed.

Further investigation revealed that another senior non-rehabilitated LTTE intelligence cadre Appan and a non-rehabilitated LTTE cadre from the Radha regiment, Theivigan has surfaced. Another four suspects had been arrested on suspicion of terrorist activity, bringing the total number of arrested cadres to 12.

Five mine detectors had been stolen from DASH demining foundation-an NGO involved in de-mining operations in the Weli Oya area. Out of the five, three were recovered. This demining group had been infiltrated by an LTTE cadre by the name of Nishanthan who had posed as a photographer.

Through the support of the people in the North and East as well as the Up Country, the security forces were able to identify the general areas where the three leaders Thevihan, Gobi and Appan were hiding. Troops conducting search operations in the jungle area of Padaviya and recovered four back packs containing rations including medicine and clothes. The identified area was surrounded and the three armed LTTE cadres opened fire at the troops, when the resulting confrontation killed the three cadres-Thevihan, Gobi and Appan. The Judge, Magistrate and JMO from the area visited the site. All proper legal proceedings were followed.

One trawler was purchased two months ago from Beruwala, a man by the name Manaran was arrested in connection with this. 2.3 million rupees was provided by his own brother, Prabakaran’s driver, who is living in France, and the balance came from a Swiss national. He purchased this trawler to use it in deep sea on two occasions and what he wanted to do was communicate with India and also for cadre movement.

All these instances proved the vast global network of the LTTE, which is still very much active.


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