Putin shreds the Canadian Parliament’s Idiotic Charade

An Observer from a Black Sea Town ……. in an Original Set of Comments … where the highlightS are interventions from The Editor, Thuppahi

A fair comment by Putin here.  The speaker of the Canadian Parliament introduced a 95 year old Ukrainian to the parliament as “a soldier who bravely fought Russia in WW2. “ This led to 3 standing ovations in the parliament for this brave Ukrainian.

How could the Speaker of the Canadian Parliament not know that if this 95 year old Ukrainian was fighting Russia in WW2,  then he must have been fighting on the side of Nazi-Germany?  If he did not know this, then he is an idiot.  But if he did know it, then he’s a bastard.
I would extend that to the entire Canadian Parliament who gave this Ukrainian three standing ovations for fighting Russia in WW2. They are also either idiots or bastards.
Of course,  Canada claims this is all Putin propaganda but Putin didn’t arrange for the Ukrainian to be invited into the Canadian parliament. He did not tell the Speaker what to say and he didnt organize the three standing ovations.  He is just commenting on it and his comments are fair and reasonable,  not propaganda – something the West no longer understands.
As a result of this incident,  Poland is making an extradition request to have this brave Ukrainian-Nazi who fought Russia in WW2 sent to Poland and tried for war crimes. The unit he worked for was an SS unit in Ukraine 
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BUT ,,,, THEN …. there are SUBSEQUENT REVERSALS !!@#! …. that underline This Black Sea Blokes’ arguments — clearly  reversals sparked by Israeli outrage and intervention

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  1. Unable to provide as I am a strong activist against the LTTE

    I am writing from Canada, and I couldn’t agree with you more. This whole blunder is making all Canadians look really stupid. And as people with no brains. As a matter of fact, I am ashamed to say that it lies in the educational system where children are taught to believe that everything that the CDN government does is RIGHT. There is no discussion of disagreements. Sometimes I cannot believe, living here, that I am in a 21 century or in a era when people were using stones and tools.

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