How Israel came into THIS Our World

An You  Tube Historical Tale …..  …………

…. sent to me by a Sri Lankan in Brisbane …. who had this to say

 “The Europeans did not treat Jews as humans, put them in concentration camps.

So now it is the Jews turn to inflict the same pain on the Palestinians.

God gave the Jews the land 6000 years ago. The Jews lived in Europe for 5900 years under so much suffering and discrimination.

Then a 100 years ago the British gave Jews Palestine and since then the people who lived in Palestine peacefully have to undergo the same suffering the Jews were subjected to in Europe.

It’s only a matter of time before the Jews erect the gas chambers too for the final solution.”     

VISIT THIS SITE for photos of the AUSCHWITZ concenetration camp horrors =

This set of observations is a perceptive reading of world history that displays an acute mind; while  delivering a frightening message. It suggests that parties in a longstanding confrontation often become mirror-images of each other.

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