Biden & USA in the ‘Black Hole’ of the Red Sea

Observer in a Black Sea Town

  Yesterday, Biden said when the Hamas-Israel war is over, he will sort out all the problems in the Middle East and make everything alright. He comes across like a delusional benevolent father figure, appearing to make everything right, when he has just asked the US congress for another $100 billion for wars in Ukraine, the Middle East, and Taiwan. The neocons in Washington, i.e., Victoria Nuland, Blitzkrieg-Blinken, John Bolton and co want wars everywhere around the planet. Biden’s words about sorting everything out in the Middle East is baloney.

For over 70 years, the US has been saying they will bring peace to the Middle East, and for 70 years they have failed over and over and over again. All the US have brought to the Middle East since WW2 are endless wars, untold destruction, the fomenting hatred between Middle Eastern peoples, thereby causing the deaths of millions of innocent people.

It is obvious that Benevolent Biden is delusional to think he will now wave a magic wand and solve the Palestinian issue. His credibility is shot to pieces. Not a single leader of an Islamic country in the Middle East will meet him. This refusal includes Jordan, which has been a moderate country with good relations with the US and Israel.

Blinken’s recent trip around the Middle East was a total failure: he was told to go away. It is not just the Middle East. No country in the Global South will ever take the US seriously ever again when it comes to making peace. The US does not understand peace. Let me repeat that. The US does not understand peace. Rather, by using propaganda, the United States Government has psychologically manipulated Americans to be in a perpetual state of forever wars.  And that is why the US has no credibility whatsoever in international relations. No Middle Eastern leader is remotely interested in anything Biden has to say.

Biden is now trying to link Putin with Hamas by claiming they both have a shared objective to destroy democracies (whatever that means) which is absurd nonsense and has justifiably provoked a strong rebuke from the Kremlin. Biden’s dishonest attempt to link Putin with Hamas only further erodes America’s credibility in the world. He is just blowing it out his ass….

And it is not just him blowing it out his arse. At a UN Independent Human Rights Committee in Geneva on Wednesday, when the US Ambassador Michele Taylor got up to speak to defend America’s human rights record, in protest, delegates stood up and turned their arses towards her as she spoke (see video), as if to say, “Hey Michele, you’ll blowing out your arse!”

Delegates and protestors stand and turn their arses on US Ambassador Michel Taylor when she tried to defend the US’s human rights record to the UN Independent Human Rights Committee in Geneva on 18 October 2023.

Taylor gave the usual meaningless platitudes about how America’s commitment to human rights is “a moral imperative at the very heart of our [US] democracy” and claimed that the US “leads by example through our transparency,  our openness and our humble approach to our own human rights challenges.”

Do people still believe this crap? The US does not understand the meaning of the word “transparency”. The US does not believe in openness. The US has no morality whatsoever in the world today, and when has the US ever shown humility? They’re the biggest bullies on the planet. And that’s why delegates stood up and turned their arses to her and her speech.

It is another indication that nobody cares or listens to what the Americans say anymore. The US is morally bankrupt. Their human rights record is appalling. It is disgusting to see Michele Taylor trying to defend America’s human rights record with a stream of empty rhetoric.

Those attending the meeting in Geneva included 140 protestors from Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Guam who came to protest America’s appalling human rights record in its own backyard.


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