On the Brink of World War III?

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As this war escalates, it’s only a matter of time before these US warships are sunk. They are sitting ducks in the Red Sea. The US is not in a position to deter anyone except perhaps for the occasional dolphin.
What has not been reported is that not only is Yemen launching drones and air strikes, but that a major escalation of Hezbollah attacks occured last night on the Lebanon-Israel border and that Hezbollah successfully hit a number of US interests in the region. 

Israel has abandoned all of its diplomatic missions in Turkey, a NATO country, as Turkey may soon offer to send in troops to both Syria and Egypt.  Turkey has over a half a million troops ready to go  and has the most powerful airforce of any NATO country. Syria and Turkey have been enemies but appear to be putting their differences aside to join forces against Israel.  US controlled oilfields in Syria have been hit.
There is an escalation taking place. Biden’s threat against other entities joining the war has had zero impact because Islamic countries will not stand by if Israel is permitted to invade and bomb Gaza into the stone age.
As soon as Israel launches its invasion of Gaza, then other players in the Middle East plus Turkey will be obliged to join in. This time, history is on the side of Palestine,  not Israel.
Putin says if Israeli forces go into Gaza, Israel-Russia relations will be significantly damaged. Russia and China are with the Islamic countries.
This MAP presented by Thuppaahi is not tailored for the siuation detailedin this item, but provides a general geographical backdrop.


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3 responses to “On the Brink of World War III?

  1. COMMENT from “Camel Rider”, 21 October 2023:
    “The Axis of resistance against the US and Israel sent bomber drones to attack two US interests — the Al Asad airbase in Iraq and the Konico oilfield controlled by the US in Syria. The Axis of Resistance regards the US as a party to this war.”

      • Fair Dinkum

        Israel’s plan to censor and block Al Jazeera does not sit well with The Australian newspaper’s claim that Al Jazeera supports Israel’s version of what happened to the hospital in Gaza. If Al Jazeera are supporting Israel’s narrative on the conflict, then why are they censoring Al-Jazeera?

        Also, NATO are unhappy about the Putin-Orban talks in Beijing and are holding an emergency meeting to formulate a response.

        NATO are also unhappy with Turkey for several reasons including the Turkish objection to Sweden joining NATO and their statements on Israeli attacks on Gaza.

        NATO are also not happy to see the Presidents of Serbia and Indonesia forming a good friendship in Beijing.

        Are we witnessing the fracturing of NATO?

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