China’s Monumental Engineering Capacities

“Taiwan Jack,” commenting serially on the New Item re the aunch of a cross-seas Bullet Train Link: see ……………………………..

A = China builds the world’s first cross-sea bullet train line which will eventually link Fujian province in China with Taiwan, making cross strait travel easier as well as being a further step towards China-Taiwan integration.   The distance between China and Taiwan across the Taiwan Strait is between 86 to 100 miles.

It seems odd that China would build a cross sea/strait train link with Taiwan at a time when the US and their partners UK, EU, Australia, South Korea and the Philippines are preparing for war in the same Strait.
I wonder how long it will be before  the US attacks the train bridge, just like we have seen the frequent attempts by Ukraine + NATO to destroy bridges linking Crimea with Russia by drone and missile attacks.
B = “When the Chinese say they will build something, they build it. When the US and the West say they will build something, they just talk, talk, talk, and never do it, unless of course,  it is to build military bases the world over, nuclear submarines, nuclear missiles and Aegis ballistic missile defence systems (which are actually offensive systems, not defensive).
C = “Remember that at the start of the covid pandemic, China built a hospital in ten days, and two hospitals in two weeks.”

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