Sambhur Meat Hunters in Sri Lanka’s Jungle Sanctuaries

ITEM in Daily Mirror, 25 September 2023

Wildlife authorities nabbed four persons who poached four sambhurs and a mousedeer for meat in the Rantambe sanctuary, the Department of Wildlife Conservation said.


The four carcasses of sambhurs weighed 304 kilos and the mousedeer 1.5 kilos. Three 12-bore shotguns, two three-wheelers, two live cartridges and an electric torch in possession of the poachers were seized. They were to be produced before the Walapane magistrate. Poaching wild animals for bush meat is rampant in some areas.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, four persons who indulged in treasure hunting in the Rawana-Ella sanctuary, were arrested and produced before the Bandarawela magistrate.

Victoria-Randenigala Area




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