Continuing IMF-World Bank Machinations Impact on Sri Lanka

Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake

The Disinformation is ramping up in preparation for the IMF visit this month to review SL’s prograss on the required IMF asset sale of coastal and highland lands of the strategic island, to monitor and surveill the Indian Ocean trade and Submarine Data cable Routes. The IMF assets strip and sale of Sri Lanka targets the same sectors and assets that Washington’s MCC Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact program did – Energy, Telecom, Transport Infrastructure back in 2019.

MCC was rejected by the people of Lanka and so too will the IMF agenda eventually be rejected in the Asian 21st Century. Right now, it’s Deja Vu.

History Repeats, both as farce and tragedy as Marx said

The Easter Sunday attacks are back in the news primarily because China’s Shi Yan 6 Ocean, climate and weather research vessel is due to visit Sri Lanka in October this year. Previously in 2019 when the Shi Yan 3 was docked in the Colombo Port for Oceanic Research with NARA researchers, the Easter Attacks were staged killing 4 Chinese Ocean research scientists at Kingsbury Hotel. The Geopolitical Economics evident in the selected targets including the Chinese owned Shangri La hotel where the Leader of the NTJ , Zaharan, died in the Easter attacks are being covered over.

 Zaharan died at a luxury hotel and not at a church or religious site, which begs the question: was religion used as a smokescreen to further delude the debt-trapped islanders?

Zaharan died at Shangri La along with another suicide bomber, which tells us Shangir La was an important target, second only to Kingsbury where the Chinese scientists were, and who was the MASTERMIND OF the attacks claimed by ISIS, which were funded by Saudi while Israel’s Whitestream new Agency claimed that Bitcoin had funded Zaharan et al.

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Meanwhile in preparation fo the IMF and Eagle to Land in Lanka this month, the Transport Minister, Bandulla Gunawardena has become a salesman of expensive Electric Buses and EV Cars, which need electric service station etc. to further deepen the US dollar Eurobond debt trap using the Green Transition theme song that Sri Lanka does not need and cannot afford. The island’s Carbon footprint is minute to non-existent and the country should not be paying for the G7 NATO Global War machine’s greenhouse pollution. The Debt trap rush to EVs will also ensure PRIVATIZATION of the CTB and also Trains which are being sabotaged with various mysterious accidents on a daily basis.

Hybrid economic war continues ……  OF BONDS< BOMBS and Predators

While civil society activists are calling for a BAN on BOND TRADING which is the primary source of ODIOUS Debt and the reason for the Sovereign Default, Ranil Rajapakse is promoting Green and Blue Bond scams now GREEN-WASHED and called ‘Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Bonds or Debt for Nature Swaps (DFNS).  This is an Environmental Greenwash of corrupt bond trading. Pinkwash the Social credits component which would ensure hand-outs and dependency to women and children victims of the Rupee depreciation against the exorbitantly privileged US dollar which is the source of all the misery and impoverishment in this otherwise well-endowed land.

History Repeats as Farce & Tragedy

 Recall that Ranil was the Bondscam Prime Minister with Singaporean Arjuna Mahendran in 2015 at CBSL who was beloved of IMF’s Christine BlackGuard. Mahendran was followed by Indrajith Coomaraswamy, another Economic Hit Man at the CBSL who buried the Forensic Audit reports of the Ranil Rajapakse Bondscam. Dinesh Shaffter who knew all of this and was a primary witness in the Bondscam Court Case against Ranil and his bond mafia was assassinated last December in broad daylight in Colombo.

History will be repeating itself at the IMF and colonial Club de Paris will be marketing Green Wash and Pinkwash Green and Blue Bonds also called Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Bonds or Debt for Nature Swaps (DFNS), again to BONDTRAP Sri Lanka and deepen the debt.  This is a part of the quantification, datafication and financialization of Mother Nature through dubious and opaque Carbon Credit and Social Credit calculations by various “experts” in Big Data Games.

It has been raining heavily for the past week in Sri Lanka and the climate change models indicate that Lanka stands to benefit from climate change, but they don’t release the maps of climate warming hotspots and COLDSPOTS and Sweetspot!

 There was a lot of hot air and talk in the Corporate Media echo chamber about drought a week ago. But we know that August, which is my birthday month, has always been a dry month except at the end when the sky opens up as the South West Monsoon blasts off,  I recall, and it has been pouring lately in Mother Lanka where Mother Nature is fighting back against those who want to stage an Anthropocene Climate Catastrophe, Famine, and 15 hour power-cuts, as they did with economically devastating the Covid-19 panicdemic lockdown supply chain hacks.



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