Islamic Women’s Veils: Some Desultory Thoughts

 Michael Roberts

 On re-reading an entry in Thuppahi on the Burqa with two striking illustrations that contrasted

X …..a photograph of a Western woman in a see-through net dress walking stark naked in a busy street ….. WITH …

Y …. Illustrations of the various types of veiled Islamic women, ……



I penned these brief thoughts to a friend:

“Both images are challenging…..….albeit in different ways?

A ………… the HIJAB outfit is not static …variations.

B ……Islamic women are not passive subjects ……. but deploy hijab variations.

C …. And in modern times [Islamic women and men] wield the HIJAB as a protest against Western imperial claims?”

Now, a few days later, I am pleased by these comments because I think there are insights conveyed – though, obviously, they need careful elaboration with qualifications and asides thrown in.

I am presently inundated with Thuppahi and domestic tasks so this work of reflection and elaboration must await awhile. However, I suspect that these thou IDEAS and the picture of the fish-net lady will spark commentary from Thuppahi readers, whether Muslim or Other …. OR radical, conservative or otherwise-oriented.

So, do please spark thought and controversy.







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