Is the Tide Turning in Favour of Russia in the Ukrainian War?

An Observer in A Black Sea Resort Town

1. Russia has started deploying nuclear weapons to Belarus to counter the build up of weapons and forces in central and Western Europe targetting Russia.

 A pro-Russian cartoon of the failed Ukrainian terrorist attack in Belgorod

2. Belarusian President Lukashenko says that “forces” supported by Poland to topple his government and carry out a coup in Belarus will not succeed in part because Belarus knows every individual involved in the plot and are monitoring their activities, and partly because Russia will intervene should any coup like activities even remotely start to occur. Russia already has 50,000 troops in Belarus. It is another sign of desperation by the West.

3. Contrary to the avalanche of bullshit and disinformation emanating out of the Western media and from the mouths of Western leaders, Ukraine is losing the war, and is now resorting to desperate measures, including assassination and terrorist attacks inside Russia. Ukrainian officials have threatened to assassinate Putin and Prigozhin.
In response to this development, some politicians in the Duma are calling on Russia to re-establish SMERSH (Death to Spies), to conduct a worldwide campaign of assassinations against Russia’s enemies.
4. Russian special force sniper “Akhmat” eliminated a mercenary from Poland nicknamed “Cruel”  and another with the call sign “Aid” who had been shooting Russian infantry in the neck and armpits so they would die a slow and painful death.
  Image 2. A Russian special force sniper on the left and the Polish mercenary “Aid” who was recently eliminated
 Image 3. Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin at a meeting a few days ago talking about the problems with Russia’s bureaucracy and the Ministry of Defence which need to lift their game considerably if Russia is to win the war.
Image 4: Prigozhin reports the Artyomovsk sparkling wine factory is now under the control of Wagner PMC. He says everything is recorded on video and is counted, including containers with champagne that have not been poured. He says in the near future Wagner will transfer the plant to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and it will be their responsibility to ensure nothing is stolen until legal decisions are made on what to do with private property.


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3 responses to “Is the Tide Turning in Favour of Russia in the Ukrainian War?

  1. An Observer in A black Sea Resort Town

    Image 4 is obiously not Prigozhin but a fighter of the Wagner Orchestra in the ruins of the liberated area Plane in Bakhmut, now known as Artyomovsk.

  2. Chandra Maliyadde

    Tide need not turn in favor of Russia. Common sense says If USA and Europe are interested in the far situated Ukraine why not Russia is more concerned of what is going on in its neighbor.

    • Gerald

      When has common sense ever prevailed in US European foreign policy? Never.

      It is not a case of “the tide need not turn in Russia’s favour”, it already has turned in their favour but Western ideologues are blind to the reality.

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