Hashish, Heroin, Sea Cucumber & Migrants: Sri Lanka Navy’s Seizures Today

Items in The Island, 19 May 2023 ….

ONE: https://island.lk/navy-takes-hold-of-smuggled-dried-sea-cucumber-and-contraband-in-kalpitiya-seas/

A search operation conducted by the Sri Lanka Navy off Sinnaarichchalai, Kalpitiya on Thursday night, led to the apprehension of 02 suspects with about 193kg of dried sea cucumber and several other contraband items which were being smuggled.

Among the recovered items were; about 193kg of dried sea cucumber, 33600 shampoo packets (6ml each), 198 balm vials (50g each), 1 A/C plant and 1 Voltage Stabilizer (230 V). The suspects, contraband items and the dinghy were taken into naval custody and were handed over to the Customs Preventive Office in Katunayake for onward legal action.

TWO: https://island.lk/navy-seizes-multi-day-fishing-trawler-with-heroin-and-hashish-valued-at-about-rs-2800-mn-and-nabs-06-suspects-i

Based on information derived from a coordinated intelligence operation conducted by the State Intelligence Service and Sri Lanka Navy, a local multi day fishing trawler carrying about 111kg and 606g of heroin (including packages) and about 10kg and 254g (including packages) of hashish was intercepted by SLNS Vijayabahu on 13th May 2023. The special operation mounted about 413 nautical miles (about 764km) off Dondra, South of Sri Lanka, also led to the apprehension of 06 suspects involved in this illegal act. The street value of the seized consignment of drugs is believed to be around Rs 2800 million.

The suspects apprehended in this operation have been identified as residents of Negombo, Iranawila, Andigama and Minuwangoda areas between 29 to 58 years of age. The suspects and the stock of heroin will be handed over to the Police Narcotic Bureau for onward legal action.

Including the latest seizure, the Sri Lanka Navy has held drugs with a gross street value of over Rs. 7603 million during operations mounted in 2023.

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THREE:  https://island.lk/navy-foils-illegal-immigration-attempt-and-apprehends-06-persons-in-mannar/

The Sri Lanka Navy apprehended 06 persons suspected of illegal immigration to a foreign country via sea. The apprehension was made during a search operation conducted off Erukkulampiddi, Mannar on 05th May 2023. The operation also led to the seizure of a dinghy used for this illegal act.

The dinghy was carrying 06 individuals and among them were 02 males (including the boat skipper), 01 female and 03 children.

The suspects are identified as residents of Vavuniya and Mannar areas. The group of individuals were handed over to the Mannar Police for onward legal proceedings.


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