Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and Its Diplomatic Path of Conflict Resolution

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India and China’s defence ministers sit down for talks at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) security summit in New Delhi, with Pakistan’s top diplomat and Russia’s defence ministers present.  It was a very productive meeting with a strong emphasis on diplomacy to resolve disputes.

The purpose of the SCO is to counter Western influence in the Asian region. Founded in 2001, the SCO consists of 8 member states, comprising 42% of the world’s population and 30% of the world’s GDP. 
The SCO is a perfect platform for resolving disputes between its members.

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One response to “Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and Its Diplomatic Path of Conflict Resolution

  1. George

    By working together, India and China have the power and capacity to lead the 21st century, to create a truly fair, equitable multipolar world for all countries, not just for the Western bloodsuckers who have controlled the world for the past 500 years.

    We are witnessing the rapid fall of Western imperialism and the birth of a new vibrant multipolar world. It is akin to the collapse of the Soviet Union, but what is happening today is much more significant in world history.

    I am sure India and China can resolve border disputes through wisdom and diplomacy. Pakistan and India should likewise resolve their disputes through diplomacy for the good of South Asia. The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation is an excellent platform to resolve all disputes which serves to build a peaceful and prosperous world. But member states have to keep an eye on the Wicked West as they cannot accept a world they cannot control, and they will do anything, including provoking wars, to drive a wedge between the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, and to fragment and destroy it.

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