Prsessures on Sri Lanka: Weerasekera’s Analysis in Lucid Prose

Michael Roberts

By pure chance I came across a paperback book of 280 pages published by Dharshan Weerasekera via Sarasavi Publisher in 2020 that is entitled Sri Lanka’s Future Challenges and the Quest for a New Constitution. Further searches indicated that he had received university education in USA and had published a battery of books (now listed in Thuppahi at …………..



Weerasekera has been working as a lawyer in Colombo for some time and has taken a central role in some prominent legal cases of a political nature. The “Preface” stirred warning signs in my mind: suggesting currents of Sinhala populist and chauvinist thinking

However, the first chapter — which I have yet to finish reading – has been revelatory. His writing is lucid and concise. The initial pages of this chapter lay bare the power politics and machinations of USA and its various arms within the UN and world agencies.

Rush to it my good friends …… Then, link it with the recent presentations by Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake on Sri Lankan affairs[1] and the entries presented by “Fair Dinkum” and “Raucous Aukus”[2] on Australian enmeshment in American imperialism and their confrontation with China in the Pacific Ocean.

Taken together, these items generate alarming warning bells. We seem to be on the brink of a major war, ….. or rather, facing a set of little wars and/or economic pincers that are tantamount to weakening diseases. So, cumulous clouds loom aplenty.


Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake: “Powermonger Hands behind Sri Lanka’s Financial Crisis?” 26 April 2022,

Paul Keating: “Paul Keating Eviscerates AUKUS Pact and Aussie Warmongers,” 15 March 2023.

Fair Dinkum: “Australia’s Case forward against China is Driven by Irrational Thinking,” 12 May 2021,

[1] See AND the Bibliography attached here.

[2] See “Peter Jennings presents A Manifesto For War,” at

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