Zelensky Derided in Cartoon

An observer from a Georgian Black Sea resort town

“Ukrainian Cocaine”: This cartoon on Zelensky, purporting to be produced by French animators, and said to be circulating in Europe, depicts the “great war hero” as a drunk US puppet, snorting cocaine (which rhymes with Ukraine), feeding his people into the meat grinder, using Nazi-like thugs to forcibly conscript more Ukrainians for the meat grinder, and filling his case with wads of US dollars. The cartoon is rich in detail, for instance, the cubist painting of the Nazi hero Stepan Bandera in Zelensky’s office.

I understand the producers plan to expand this first offering into a series of anti-Zelensky cartoons… maybe eventually extending it into a full-length movie………………….



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4 responses to “Zelensky Derided in Cartoon

  1. This leaves a nasty taste Michael.

  2. Lee Ellak

    I am an American veteran against our proxy war in Ukraine. I love the cartoon. Waiting to see more. Truth is in the cartoon; for example Ukraine shelling Donbass which led to the Putin protection invasion.

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