Crucified by Connolly & the HEAT are scorched by SCORCHERS

Michael Roberts

When skipper Ashton Turner of the SCORCHERS was leading his side towards the target in a difficult chase of 173 runs compiled by the HEAT, their game seemed to be on the cusp of a slide when an awful mix-up with Hardie saw the skipper Ashton Turner (on 00 runs) run-out at the total of 137 runs at the point of 16.5 overs.

Cooper Connolly 

Cooper Connolly (left) and Nick Hobson rejoice after their match-winning standAFP/Getty Images

In strode a raw rookie, Chris Connolly, a left-handed batsman who had only faced 11 balls before in the BBL at this level. He scored one run of the sixth ball….. BUT that meant that the Scorchers needed 39 runs off 8 balls with two new batsmen in …and both quite raw rookies.

BUT what transpired! Volaarey! Cantaaarey!

When medium-paceman Bazley bowled the 18th over to Connolly, this rookie crucified him:

17.1 = Six runs – a lofted drive over mid-off for six!

17.2 = a sliced drive through off for 2 runs

17.3 = a pull through midwicket for four runs

  1. 6 A pull through midwicket for six runs

As the recorder noted, the rookie Connolly was working a miracle! Hardie chipped in too and between the two the Scorchers reached the target of 178 runs in 19.3 overs with Nick Hobson aiding Connolly in the last two overs.


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One response to “Crucified by Connolly & the HEAT are scorched by SCORCHERS

  1. Daya Wickramatunga.

    It was as great win for the Scorchers. As the old saying goes- if you have the will to consider most things can be done, then they can be done. Scorchers have a good team: 173 runs to win was no doubt a difficult task, but they made it.
    Today our country is faced with a serious economic problem, but our leaders don’t seem to have the will to overcome the difficulties. Instead they are making things worse.

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