Putin’s Address at the Valdai Club in Moscow, 27 October 2022

Mr X:

A: Please listen to Putin at the Valdai Club:  https://www.rt.com/russia/565476-putin-valdai-club-takeaways/

An extraordinary speech for our times by Vladimir Putin at the Valdai Club to an audience of dignitaries and intellectuals from 47 countries including the former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Moscow who presented a question directly to Putin. Questions also came from India, China, Indonesia, Korea, Armenia, Canada, South Africa, Venezuela, to name a few.


And Putin answered them all.

Putin’s reading of the world is outstanding. You don’t have to be a Putin puppet to see it. You just need to be an independent critical thinking mind. The ideological West has lost the plot completely. Russia is not isolated: it enjoys special relationships with India, China, Brazil, and the entire Global South in Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East 

Western doctoral students who continue to churn out their PhDs demonizing Putin may get a job in the White House for it; but they are misrepresenting and misunderstanding Putin in a way that may well have disastrous consequences. It would be better to learn about him and understand where he is coming from.

We can say the US and its Western partners have become a first-class pain in the ass for the planet, causing great chaos and harm to all peoples.

A must watch speech.

Russia tried to build relations with the West and NATO – to live together in peace and harmony. Their response to all cooperation was simply ‘no’. 

B:  Putin also referred to Nancy Pelosi as ‘that old lady” or “granny” who turned up in Taiwan, a tongue in cheek comment. He answered a question on Taiwan and confirmed he had not told Xi at the Olympic Games in Beijing in Feb that he would conduct a special military operation in Ukraine. You have to wonder where these Western Guru-like journalists get their information when they claimed Putin went to Beijing to get Xi’s support. It didn’t happen that way.

C: The video is attached of DJ’s question and Putin’s response. It is an historical question relating to religion and the Soviet Union, communism, and whether Putin draws on any of this, and to what extent.

Another photo is attached



Delegates attending President Vladirmir Putin’s address at the Valdai Club, Moscow, 27 October 2022.  Dayan Jayatilleka is 4th from the left in the front row. 

SEE full video incl. Dayan’s Question  available from 1:35 to 1:41.


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Michael Roberts: SOME THOUGHTS, 28 October 2022

A: “Mr X” is well-informed on international relations. I am a neophyte. I am in the dark as to why Ukraine’s move to join NATO and that path seems to have activated USSR’s violent response. Given the warring situation now in late 2022, it is logical for Russia to calm its relations with a powerful neighbour on its eastern side as well as other states in the south…. or so my pea-brain reasons.

B: Dayan Jayatilleka is the son of the late Mervyn De Silva, a prominent intellectual and newspaper Editor from the 1950s; and a gentleman with whom I clashed on occasions, but nevertheless respected. Dayan was a prominent leftist activist at Peradeniya when I was teaching there in the 1960s and 70s. I have had disagreements with Dayan on occasions in the public realm; but also exchanged views amiably – the most recent being at a convivial dinner at Tamara Kunanayakam’s home in Battaramulla in 2018 or so with Rajiva Wijesinha and Jeevan Thiagarajah among the guests.

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