Tamara Kunanayakam in Dialogue with Faraz on the UNHRC Vote at Geneva, March 2021

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UN GENEVA: HOW WILL IT IMPACT SRI LANKANS? – Tamara Kunanayakam on #NewslineSL – 29th March 2021

Streamed live on Mar 30, 2021

Tamara at UNHRC in Geneva in 2012


Bella Delima:  “State has been hijacked by a cartel – Tamara Kunanayakam on Newsline,” 15 October 2015, https://www.newsfirst.lk/2014/10/15/state-hijacked-cartel-tamara-kunanayakam-newsline/

Lasanda Kurukulasuriya:

Inspirations from Tamara Kunanayakam … and Incisive Criticisms of Yahapaalanaya

….. AND IN …… Colombo Telegraph, 21 March 2015

Mangala Is A Liar! He Has Misused My Tamil Ethnicity To Brand Me As A LTTE Advocate: Tamara


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18 responses to “Tamara Kunanayakam in Dialogue with Faraz on the UNHRC Vote at Geneva, March 2021

  1. Ramesh Somasunderam

    She is a hypocrite to her own ethnic community and for her personal gains does not want the truth to be revealed in regard to Sri Lanka. She is a real traitor to her own people.

  2. Ramesh Somasunderam

    My other point if human rights is left to each state as Tamara states in her interview most of the minority communities such as the Sri Lankan Tamils and now the Muslims will be wiped out all together. So she is totally wrong and it is very incorrect what she is mentioning about the UNHCR in my view.

    • EMAIL COMMENTS from An Aussie with the monicker “DINKY DI”– 1 APRIL 2012:
      A =”I see no signs of Tamils and Muslims being wiped out all together in SL. This Ramesh is spoting nonsense.But wiping out terrorism is always a goal for each and every legitimate state”
      B = “Tamara is totally right and correct in her analysis and conclusions. She possesses a very sharp rigorous mind with a remarkable ability to get beneath the surface of things and illuminate them.”

      • Ramesh Somasunderam

        You are totally wrong. Sri Lankan Tamils and Muslims will be wiped out totally or they have to become Sinhalese Buddhist like the fishing community among the Sinhalese to survive in Sri Lanka. Tamara in my mind is a lower caste Tamil with hate in her heart for her own ethnic community because of her caste problem so she is with the Sinhalese majority so she can gain a foreign posting again and to cover up her caste inadequacy. What the Sri Lankan government must understand is that they are a small island state and they cannot challenge western powers such as the USA. Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese are too big for their shoes. .

    • Siri Hewawitharana

      Ramesh, you need to grow up or you need to ask yourself, why tamils are creating mischief to get foreign asylum . Don’t you have shame ?
      Tamara is giving facts to the UN on behalf of her country and what’s wrong with that?

      • Ramesh Somasunderam

        Siri you have to have shame not me because your President and military leaders are war criminals like the LTTE but the LTTE is no more. Your President is the leader of your island state so if you have any respect and shame you will not be speaking too much because of the human right violations your community since independence have perpetrated on innocent Sri Lankan Tamil civilians.

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  5. Dinky Di

    Whenever I go to Sri Lanka, I meet many Tamils, and Muslims. It’s not that difficult. You can find them across many sectors. I have researched and documented some too. They are people like everybody else – good people too. So, your argument (that Tamils and Muslims are being wiped out) doesn’t match the reality of personal experience. The former SL High Commissioner to Australia was a Tamil – an outstanding diplomat too. I do remember Lakshman Kadiragama, former Foreign Affairs Minister — a very intelligent man, but he was wiped out by the Tamil Tigers.

    • Ramesh Somasunderam

      Why are you not mentioning your true name. What have you got to hide? Any way the majority Sinhalese community elected the current president of Sri Lanka because he will teach the Muslims a lesson after the Easter bombings and continue to Sinhalese Tamil areas in the North and East of Sri Lanka with forced government colonisation. So what you see is just external. You must interview Muslims and Sri Lankan Tamils living in Australia because no one in Sri Lanka can speak the truth even Sinhalese if they speak the truth in regard to the current President and government of Sri Lanka are in danger of their life. The latest trend to kill people is by a vehicle accident. In regard to Lakshman Kadiragama some feel that it was the current President’s brother more than the LTTE who felt that Lakshman Kadiragama can become the Prime Minister of SL and got him killed. It is very difficult therefore to say unequivocally that the LTTE killed Lakshman Kadiragama even though the LTTE eing a terrorist organisation killed many innocent civilians.That is why the UN should investigate all war criminals both on the Sinhalese and Tamil side. This is my candid view as a moderate Sri Lankan Tamil.

      • Shan

        ‘It is very difficult therefore to say unequivocally that the LTTE killed Lakshman Kadiragama’

        They Very Nations You call Human Rights Champions so called (The West), Also investigated the Killing of Mr Lakshman Kadiragama and found evidence that it was the LTTE who assassinated him..Given your conspiracy mind based on fantasy..you will be saying sinhalese infiltrated Scotland yard and planted evidence against the LTTE- with Tamara’s help no doubt.

  6. Siri Hewawitharana

    Sorry to disappoint you Ramesh, I do not have SL vote or passport.. Don’t try to evade serious questions re. tamil asylum issue..
    BTW, terrorists don’t have human rights and the LTTE will not pass or get sympathy from any one except the asylum Tamil brigade.

    • Ramesh Somasunderam is

      Ramesh Somasunderam is not a racist. Tamils or Sinhalese are both human rights abusers and both of us have no right to speak about human rights when both Tamil people and Sinhalese people have blood on thier hands. You must be a racist Sinhalese facist to contiune this discussion with me when your own president is a killer and human rights abuser
      You must accept this fact.

  7. Ramesh Somasunderam

    All I know is Tamils and Sinhalese are the primary races of Sri Lanka as mentioned by G.C. Mendis. Nevertheless both communities and their respective forces both elected and none elected such as the LTTE have committed human rights violations against each other. Nevertheless the majority Sinhalese people have elected the current President of Sri Lanka who is a human rights perpetrator. So this indicates that both the Sinhalese and Sri Lankan Tamils do not care for human rights because yet some Sri Lankan Tamils among the Diaspora and in Sri Lanka support the LTTE who were a terrorist organisation.They killed more higher caste Sri Lankan Tamils than the Sinhalese and Muslim communities in Sri Lanka. So Sri Lankan Tamils and the Sinhalese people should not speak about human rights because they do not value or care for human rights in my candid opinion. Only Sinhalese and Tamils who are moderate in their views and not racist should be commenting on the human rights issues in Sri Lanka in the past and present. .

  8. Ramesh Somasunderam

    It is not my conspiracy. I am against the LTTE but Sri Lankan politicians killed each other and blamed it on the LTTE because it was easy and popular to blame the LTTE. This happened on many occasions. Now accidents are the mode of operation to kill people in Sri Lanka if they are opposed or perceived at a treat to the President or government of Sri Lanka.

  9. Ramesh Somasunderam

    Tamara is like Michael Roberts just an opportunist.

  10. Ramesh Somasunderam

    I think as a moderate Sri Lankan Tamil if the army of occupation is taken away and good civil and district administration is brought back in the North and East of Sri Lanka including colonisation and standardisation is eliminated Sri Lanka can be a very favourable country to all Sri Lankans including the Tamils and Muslims in the East and the Tamils in the North of Sri Lanka. For this to happen the current president of Sri Lanka should realise that quality Civil Servants in the Sri Lanka Administrative Service should be produced, enhanced and fostered in Sri Lanka rather than army Generals occupying senior civil administrative potions in Sri Lanka. This in my view has brought down the quality of the SLAS in Sri Lanka. I am sure any objective minded Sri Lankan who is fair in their views and analysis will accept what I have stated above.

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