Snap! Striking Snaps by an Amateur on Holiday … & at Home

Sometimes, even an ordinary camera in an ordinary amateur hand can strike pictorial gold. I present here some striking photos taken on spec with an ‘everyday camera,’  that is, an “Olympus Digital camera”,while vacationing in Sri Lanka and elsewhere over the years.

 Twilight Catch? Fishermen casting net at sealine near Negombo …. I was at the prow of a hired boat which had travelled along one of the canals towards the sea and took this snap as our boat landed on the beach 

 Lake Pichola in Udaipur, with its island and palace in distant foreground …. the photo taken wiht some aforethought from the rooftop arena of our guesthouse

 Fort Jaiselmer from a top-floor balcony in the town lying below the fort

Abhayagiri Vihare at Anuradhapura circa 1969 with a local tourist enhancing the scenery … &  ….

our remarkable Standard 8 jalopy encouraging Kim and Maya to ‘play’ for the camera …. at Augusta Hill,  Peradeniya, c.1971






  Shona and Kim at  New Peradeniya railway station, c. 1972

Shona at a kasbah in Morocco, c. 2014(?) …..and  at the pontoon hotel on the River Kwai in Thailand in the 1980s   

an ‘island’ in Lake Minneriya in Minneriya National Park, 2020










 a road north of Kandy in Lanka ….    ……………………     the “Girl’s Bathing Place off the Fort of Galle            








…………….   & a beachside restaurant scene south of Adelaide  

an ancient wreck on the western coastal shore of Fraser Island

... with yours truly sneaking into the bowels of the WRECK to snap its prison-like features    ….   and then we see an optimistic cameraman seeking to capture something magical on the horizon at twilight ….


















while Michael Roberts could ponder about the world’s problems in the company of a Kookaburra on his backgarden trellis fence in 2016




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  1. Sachi Sri Kantha

    Michael, thanks for this clean collection of snaps, which I enjoyed. Among the lot posted, the one showing the New Peradeniya railway station (c. 1972), brought back memories of my sojourn in Peradeniya. First time, I landed in this station was five years later, in 1977. Then, without fail, on every Friday evening/night I had stood on that platform, waiting for the Colombo bound train, from Kandy, until July 1981. Owning a simple, small camera was a luxury for me then. So, I had to miss those pleasurable ‘snapping’ moments of my Peradeniya salad days.

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