Julia Margaret Cameron’s Classic 19th Century Photographs

Michael Roberts presenting an Arbitrary Collection of the pioneer camerawoman and de facto female ‘suffragette’ … Julia Margaret Cameron nee Pattle (1815-1879)

Julia in her prime

Julia in 1870

 A Tamil woman   

Sinhalese woman

two Ceylonese women with water jars…taken c. 1870


…. “girl”

….. “a group of Kalutara peasants”




…. “the rosebud Garden of Girls”  in the Google Art Project






  …..  “estate workers Ceylon” 







……….. view over Dimbula Plantation after which “Dimboola” in the Isle of Wight was named

…. “Dimboola Lodge,” the Camerons’ house at the Isle of Wight







Charles Hay Cameron [Julia’s husband] … circa 1870

At Play: Cameron clan acting out “King Lear allocating his kingdom to his three daughters” [with Charles as King Lear]

…. “Marianne North in Mrs Camerons’ house in Ceylon in 1877”

…   the poet Alfred Tennyson [a member of the Bohemian circle frequenting the Cameron household at the Isle of Wight) ….. and so too Sir John Herschel the astronomer ….








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