The Lighthouses of Southern Sri Lanka Contextualized Visually

Jeremy Partyka …. at

Video and Editing by Jeremy Partyka. Made in conjunction w/ final paper for my Independent Study Project during ISLE Fall 2017 🙂 Special shoutout to all the helpful lighthouse staff and locals who assisted me with my project!

  .… with still shots of the newer lighthouse at Galle Fort located at its south-eastern corner provided by a person born and bred in the Fort and familair with its beaches and ramparts, one Michael Roberts … and with several of the images being refined for Thuppahi by David Sansoni of Sydney

An unusual camera shot looking west along the southern wall of the Fort taken from the lighthouse …..








... with the old base at the south-western corner standing firm and serving as a platform for a local daredevil of a diver ….



… and there was a recent stage of renovation of the Fort walls by the Heritage authorities which Roberts was able to capture in mid-2020

Nor must one forget the original lighthouse at the southwestern corner  — captured here in two rare photographs …. with that of the fishermen being an unique shot taken by Lincoln Perera (my maternal uncle) at some point in the 1940s or 1950s










AND there is some advantage in moving south and up into the skies to frame the Galle Fort in its context ….




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