The Lakmahal Community Library in Colombo opens up, 2022

Lakmahal Community Library

Located in an old family home, Lakmahal, whose inhabitants shared a love of literature, the Lakmahal Community Library (LCL) is a space to encourage interest in the literary arts and encourage people to engage with the joy of reading. With a collection of over 1800 books spanning several genres, LCL wants to encourage people to expand their reading horizons through access to a wide variety of books.


LCL hopes not only to encourage people to engage with others’ works but to participate and create their own – to inspire creativity through community interaction and practice. Through providing a space for people to meet and discuss, LCL aims to create a community around literature.

Collection includes: Fiction (sci-fi, thriller, romance, crime, poetry, graphic novels, historical fiction, young adult etc.) and non-fiction (memoirs, biographies, history, etc.)

Address: 8A Alfred House Road, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 74 068 8622

Opening Hours:

Friday: 9AM – 5PM
Saturday: 9AM – 5PM
Sunday: 9AM – 5PM

Membership fees:

Monthly:  ….. Rs 500 per month

Per Aanuum: ……..  Rs 5000 

Student Membership:

Per Month: ………… Rs 400

Per Annum:  …….    Rs 4000


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One response to “The Lakmahal Community Library in Colombo opens up, 2022

  1. EMAIL NOTE frm Lam Seneviratne, 23 July 2023:
    “I live next-door. “Lakmahal” is the house built by C.L.Wickremasinghe and later occupied by Sam Wijesinghe who married his daughter Muktha. The house is now divided into three among their children, Sanjeeva, Anila and Rajiva. Anila owns the front section and her daughter Anisha owns the library. BTW the former Alfred House was next to it on the other side.
    Access is easy from Alfred House Road along a 20ft road 25M long. In front of ‘Lakmahal”, a 3- floored house facing Alfred House road is being built on it’s former lawn. It will be occupied by a Mr Ahamed and young family. Met him a few times and he seems to be a decent person. Right opposite lives Muzzamil, former Mayor, Gov. of Uva, & Ambassador to Malaysia. So security is fine. I am sure the Stock OF BOOKS will be well looked after. The ambience and location is excellent.

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