The Lakmahal Community Library in Colombo opens up, 2022

Lakmahal Community Library

Located in an old family home, Lakmahal, whose inhabitants shared a love of literature, the Lakmahal Community Library (LCL) is a space to encourage interest in the literary arts and encourage people to engage with the joy of reading. With a collection of over 1800 books spanning several genres, LCL wants to encourage people to expand their reading horizons through access to a wide variety of books.


LCL hopes not only to encourage people to engage with others’ works but to participate and create their own – to inspire creativity through community interaction and practice. Through providing a space for people to meet and discuss, LCL aims to create a community around literature.

Collection includes: Fiction (sci-fi, thriller, romance, crime, poetry, graphic novels, historical fiction, young adult etc.) and non-fiction (memoirs, biographies, history, etc.)

Address: 8A Alfred House Road, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 74 068 8622

Opening Hours:

Friday: 9AM – 5PM
Saturday: 9AM – 5PM
Sunday: 9AM – 5PM

Membership fees:

Monthly:  ….. Rs 500 per month

Per Aanuum: ……..  Rs 5000 

Student Membership:

Per Month: ………… Rs 400

Per Annum:  …….    Rs 4000


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