USA Machinations Behind Aragalaya?

ANI Video Revelation

Evidence is emerging that at least some segments of the ongoing protests in Sri Lanka are funded and backed by the US, serving US interests. A “digital strategist” […. viz Chameera Dedduwage ….. ] given credit by the Western media for the successful toppling of the Sri Lankan government was a “volunteer” at a US National Endowment for Democracy-funded “election” organization. His group’s involvement in the current protests are a carbon copy of events that unfolded during the 2011 US-engineered “Arab Spring.”




Reuters (via US News) – How a Band of Activists Helped Bring Down Sri Lanka’s Government:… New York Times – U.S.

Why Gotabaya Rajpaksa fled & next steps for Sri Lanka : MA Sumanthiran and Bhavani Fonseka

Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings:… LinkedIn – Chameera Dedduwage:… People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections – Partnerships:… US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) – Board of Directors:… NED – Elliott Arbrams:… NED – Victoria Nuland:… NED – Scott Carpenter:… NED – Asia Regional 2021:… Where to Find My Work: Visit The New Atlas Website: Follow The New Atlas on Telegram: Odysee (YouTube alternative): Rumble (YouTube alternative): Weibo: ไบรอัน แฟนคลับ (Facebook): Line Group: Gab: VK (Facebook alternative): How to Support my Work (and thank you!): Buy Me A Coffee: Patreon: PromptPay: 0851547235 PayPal: Cryptocurrency Donations: Ethereum (ETH): 0xee6ed93c3adc474450011e9af22939a0b9b312c7 BitCoin (BTC): 1AfGnbmHxA6cy9YKUSxysXvpJPyecpBKrr Monero (XMR): 845TCXx3pchSBXuDL7FHG679gbWD2wkHS6MJxuq7jFVsVFj7T6xsry747uhhGZUdkaRXbbrMfo5c8RnGfzGZ13KxQUdHVLR





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