Spectacular! The Moon “in Orbit” … in the Arctic Circle

Presented by Gerda Branwhite of “The Explorers” in Adelaide

The moon, seen from the Arctic Circle, between Russia and Canada. It only lasts a few seconds, but it’s worth seeing.

It’s a spectacular sight. Imagine that you are in a place between Canada and Russia and, suddenly, and for just 30 seconds, the moon appears in all its splendor and disappears before your eyes. Looks like the moon is going to collide with the earth. But even more impressive, and for just 5 seconds, a total eclipse of the sun takes place right after.

It’s unprecedented and spectacular! The video was shot in real-time. The phenomenon happens at the “perigee”, the closest point of a heavenly body’s orbit around the Earth, where the proximity of the Moon is so evident that, suddenly, we realize the great speed at which the Earth is moving (or the universe is moving and the earth stands still)……………..



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4 responses to “Spectacular! The Moon “in Orbit” … in the Arctic Circle

  1. MF

    Absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing.
    It says shot in real time – can you explain why the moon appears to be so large, so close, and so fast?

  2. Chandra Maliyadde

    I append below the comments I recieved from my nephew in Cambridge.

    “Very sadly that is a fake video :(. The first time I saw it, I was very excited but it turns out it was made by a Ukrainian graphics artist. Not as impressive, but more true, there is a great article here from NASA about how and why the moon can appear large (but not as large as in the video you shared!): https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/news/1191/the-moon-illusion-why-does-the-moon-look-so-big-sometimes/

  3. EMAIL NOTE from JOHNNY DE SILVA in Melbourne, 4 September 2022:
    “Sorry to let you know that this is a hoax! See attached site …………. https://www.news18.com › news › buzz › gigantic-moon-eclipsing-the-sun-in-arctic-is-fake-viral-video-debunked-3782429.html”

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