Destructive Vengeance Beyond Reason in Sri Lankan Protest

Fair Dinkum

Michael, You may like to circulate this item from RT which aired on Wednesday 13 July 2022. A Russian film crew was given access to the home of Ranil Wickremesinghe and his brother, who lived in a neighbouring house that was also destroyed by protestors according to him, appears describing what occurred, and the damage caused, including the destruction of artworks and 2,600 books which had been handed down from Ranil’s ancestors and which he intended to donate to libraries for future Sri Lankans.

While the burning of his house is itself a criminal act in which the perpetrators MUST be brought to justice, this destruction of the nation’s history in terms of burning artifacts, sculptures and paintings of the colonial era, and historical texts is a far greater crime against the Sri Lankan nation. It disgusts me. Who needs the Tamil Tigers when Sri Lankans can do a better job at destroying buildings and the nation’s treasures by themselves! The Tigers will be jumping for joy in their graves at this destruction, and the icing on the cake is the knowledge that the Sinhalese, joined with their Tamil brothers, are now working for the Tamil Tigers.

It is evident that rogue elements have infiltrated into the protest movement which means the leaders of this protest movement (whoever they may be) are either complicit in allowing rogue elements to penetrate their movement, or unable to control them. Either way, the leaders should be identified and held accountable for what has occurred. The credibility of this movement has been damaged by these actions and it can no longer be regarded as a genuine democratic protest movement. These rogue elements are intent on inciting evil acts designed to wreck the nation, ferment chaos, cause as much destruction as possible, and seize power for themselves.

Ranil Wickremesinghe has not been accused of corruption and regardless of the circumstances in which he became Prime Minister (which are not ideal), under the Constitution, he is legally the President until fresh elections are called for. Sri Lanka cannot allow protestors to make over twenty demands for instant action, including the demand for a new constitution, a new leader, by seizing government buildings and creating chaos until their demands are met. This is the law of the jungle. It is not a genuine protest movement. There is a proper democratic process Sri Lankans need to go through which is: (1) stand for parliament, (2) get elected, and (3) bring their demands or proposals to the parliament for a voteLetting unelected and unnamed protestors dictate demands is not just an attack on democracy, but an attack on the democratic processes on which the Sri Lankan state is built on.

Some decades ago, during the JR period, an Israeli MOSSAD officer described Sri Lankans as “monkeys just down from the trees”. I found it offensive back then, but I am having second thoughts as it is beginning to seem like an accurate description given what I have seen take place …

The last part of the news item refers to the implications of Sri Lanka taking out a further loan from the IMF.

It’s time the Sri Lankan government used the law enforcement to remove the protestors from government buildings as they are clearly obstructing the country from moving forward, and wrecking the nation far more than the Rajapakse’s. Authorities must be allowed the space to implement a democratic process to bring about fresh elections. Protestors must never be allowed to hijack the democratic process in a coup d’état which was what we are now witnessing taking place.


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16 responses to “Destructive Vengeance Beyond Reason in Sri Lankan Protest

  1. Janaka Perera

    While all right thinking persons unreservedly condemn the arson attack on Ranil Wickremesinghe’s house and the neighboring house I like to ask the Mossad Officer who had called Sri Lankans monkeys when they the Israelis have no moral right make such comments when they have become notorious for mercilessly harassing Palestinians for the past 70 years, provoking terrorist reactions. Perhaps he has forgotten the Nazis called the Jews sub-humans not that I agree with it. All this is flawed logic.
    Are we going to call all Germans racist murderers for the Hitler era crimes?. Or are we going to call Cambodians mass murderers because of Pol Pot’s genocide?, so on and so forth

  2. “Ranil Wickremesinghe has not been accused of corruption….”. Really? What about the Central Bank bond scam of $65 million? The link is,
    I guess, this Fair Dinkum guy is playing possum. In addition, those in the know had recorded in books (for example, Rajan Hoole, an anti-LTTE scribe) Ranil W. also had his gang-land connections.
    I would call it, Ranil’s bad karma hitting back at his face, for his mi-deeds and errors of judgements.

    • N. Goonewardena

      Sachi Sri Kantha, you are spreading only vile gossip. You confidently talk about the involvement of Ranil Wickremasinghe in the bond scam. I can neither deny it, neither accept it. That is because I do not have adequate evidence either way. Neither do you. So, please refrain from spreading vile gossip to suit your own needs, but to the detriment of all others .

    • N. Goonewardena

      I am not sure whether my previous comments got posted. So, here is another version of that. Sachi Sri Kantha, please do not spread vile gossip, especially at this critical juncture. Neither you, nor I, have evidence available to us to show Ranil Wickremasinghe’s involvement or non-involvement in the bond scam. You are just shouting without a single fact to back your statement that Ranil W was involved in the bond scam. So, don’t spread vile gossip, as it is totally inimical to our country, particularly, at the moment.

      • Mr. Goonewardena, thanks for your petty thoughts. I wonder why you are holding ‘pandam’ to Ranil W. Have you heard of the adage that, ‘There is no smoke without fire.’ You write about evidence. Do you think that Ranil Wickremesinghe is such a worthy politician to disprove any allegation about his non-involvement in the bond scam? Amen.

      • N. Goonewardena

        Why are you inferring things I have not said?
        To put it bluntly, you are racially prejudiced.
        Anyway, I don’t wish to engage in banter with people like you. Have some sordid dreams. Bye!

  3. Fair Dinkum

    I am not here to support Ranil. My main concern is that rogue groups are taking advantage of the crisis and that fresh elections are need to be organised and the Constitution should be adhered to and not subverted or overthrown.

    I am also against the destruction of books and artworks. How do you explain the behaviour of people or groups who infiltrated the protestors last Saturday to commit such crimes? It is not normal behaviour.

    As to the corruption claims, I have seen no direct documentary evidence of corruption by the Rajapaksas or Ranil. All I have seen so far are allegations of corruption. Please provide direct evidence of the corruption, i.e. documentary evidence.

    I read the article at the link given but all it contains are allegations of corruption generated by the opposition, a brief account of the investigation into the allegations, but no documentary evidence of it, nor any findings of it by the commission. Also, the media is so corrupt itself today diseminating propaganda, it is no longer credible.

  4. Fair Dinkum

    I agree with Janaka Perera over the Mossad officer describing Sri Lankans as “monkeys”. It was disgraceful. Back in the 1970s and 80s, Mossad officers were like that, not just to Sri Lankans, but other nationalities too.

    But perhaps Janaka can explain why it is so necessary for Sri Lankans to destroy houses, property and artworks? Nothing justifies any of it. Can he identify the people causing this destruction? Are they genuine protestors?

    When I saw all of this happening, it reminded me of the Mossad officer who made that statement many decades ago. I had not though him for 20 years until now.

  5. R-C

    What poppycock! Anyone who quotes Mossad to prop-up his argument is in deep, deep s**t ! But then this obtuse minded ‘white feller’ sounding Fair Dinkum reminds me of an erstwhile Burgher buddy who sees Oz as his god-given Utopia when in fact its own true blue award winning journalist Aussie John Pilger thought of it as an international Pariah as far as Human Rights are concerned, indelibly branding it ‘the last outpost of Apartheid in the world.’ Rest easy all – such ‘lessons in correctness/democracy’ from such misanthropes are mere howls of the dingo far into the outback!

  6. Fair Dinkum

    It is standard practice in a democracy for the opposition to accuse the government in power of corruption. It happens all the time in Australia, the UK, the US and every other democracy, but rarely does it lead anywhere and it is basically used as a political ploy to demonise the government so the opposition can get voted in on the pretext they will clean up corruption which they never, and the new opposition repeat the process.

    In the case of Najib in Malaysia, the only reason why he was arrested and subsequently convicted and went to jail was because documentary evidence containing his signature proved beyond doubt that he stolen money from the 1MDB which was set up to improve the lives of Malaysians, but didn’t.

    That’s what is needed to secure a convictions, not trial by media.

    • Fair Dinkum

      Rather than go on about Mossad, which is a minor point in my essay, can B.C explain why Sri Lankans feel it is necessary to destroy so much property – 50 houses is one figure I have seen, and destroy artworks and books and maybe I won’t think of the Mossad remark again. And by the way, I did indicate I was offended by that statement.

  7. Fair Dinkum

    In response to R.C. you don’t know what you are talking about and vomiting out poppycock yourself.

  8. Fair Dinkum

    As for allegations against Ranil, I remember the former President Maithripala Sirisena created a constitutional crisis a few years ago by removing Ranil from the Prime Minister’s post on fabricated claims that Ranil was orchestrating his assassination.

    That story and the crisis quickly faded without a proper explanation from Sirisena as to why he created a crisis over a lie.

    We know why he did it because the relationship had broken down, Sirisena decides to get rid of him so he orchestrated his removal from the job by fabricating a fake assassination attempt on his life. It was political theatre.

  9. R-C

    Hey down-on-your-luck ‘white fella’ fair dinkum – if you can understand Sinhala – try listening to a bit of down-to-earth gami katha from Field Marshal Fonseka here:

    psst guys! I doubt if this pita-gam-karaya would care to, nor have the means – to have translations done anyways! hee hee hee!). Fonseka lays bare Ranil’s true station in life today – now, – just 2 hours ago! He classes him as one in a long line of “Rajapaksa-warun” waiting in the wings – who immediately upon becoming Acting President ordered another heartless round of violence – tear gassing & water cannons – against the boys & girls of the Aragalaya! Isn’t it true – when Laws and Systems are Unjust it is right (no imperative) not to follow them, to overthrow & undermine them?

    • N. Goonewardena

      R-C, why are you talking like a madman without any focus or direction? What you say is like spaghetti, rolled and entangled.

  10. Chandra Maliyadde

    Whether one supports Ranil or not Fair Dinkum has called the spade, the spade. We are a nation moved to 21st century time wise but not in wisdom

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