China’s Hand of Support for Sri Lanka Today

“China ready to work with relevant countries, intl financial institutions to help Sri Lanka tackle current difficulties: FM”

China will continue providing assistance for the economic and social development of Sri Lanka and support its efforts to recover the economy and improve its people’s livelihoods, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

The remarks came after foreign media claimed that Sri Lanka, mired in economic and debt crises and suffering political instability, is in discussions with Japan, and possibly with China in the future, on “bridge financing.”

China is ready to work with relevant countries and international financial institutions and will continue to play a positive role in helping tackle Sri Lanka’s current difficulties, ease its debt burden and realize sustainable development, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Tuesday.

Wang said that China has stated on many occasions that China feels deeply for the difficulties and challenges Sri Lanka faces and China has provided emergency humanitarian assistance including food and medicines to Sri Lanka. China has also provided multiple batches and various kinds of assistance to sectors of Sri Lankan society through the government and local friendship organizations.

China will continue to provide assistance for the economic and social development of Sri Lanka within its capacity and support its efforts to recover the economy and improve its people’s livelihood, Wang added.

Qian Feng, director of the research department at the National Strategy Institute at Tsinghua University, told the Global Times that China’s attitude indicates friendship and kindness toward its long-term partner.

It is not only about China’s own sympathy but also a call to international society to help Sri Lanka overcome its difficulties, Qian said. “Sri Lanka urgently needs the support of international financial institutions as well,” Qian said.

In terms of the “Chinese debt trap” that Western countries claim contributed to Sri Lanka’s crisis, Qian pointed out that China’s share of the external public debt of Sri Lanka is only a small proportion. The reason why Western countries are smearing China over Sri Lanka’s debt crisis is that they are unwilling to see the growing influence of China.

Qian expects that in the next step China will certainly make appropriate arrangements and offer help within its capacity in terms of restructuring the debt and the method of repayment.


NOTE: The Background Context in Pix  …. and the Deeper History of Sri Lanka’s Hand of Friendship to China in the Early 1950s  ….. when as we know, the Chinese have long memories

A Landmark Trade Pact: Rubber-Rice Deal between Sri Lanka and China 1952

….. and Today !!!!

epa10061018 People attend an anti government protest rally, calling for the resignation of the president over the alleged failure to address the economic crisis, near the President’s house in Colombo, Sri Lanka, 09 July 2022. Protests have been rocking the country for over three months, calling for the resignation of the president and prime minister over the alleged failure to address the economic crisis. Sri Lanka faces its worst-ever economic crisis in decades due to the lack of foreign reserves, resulting in severe shortages in food, fuel, medicine, and imported goods. EPA/CHAMILA KARUNARATHNE


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