Western Deception re Sri Lanka: Many Agencies

Orcadian’s NOTES in response to Benjamin Norton’s Revelatory Essay on the Sources of Debt faced by Sri Lanka 

A = NORTON’S article needs to be tattooed on the brains of every mindless Western  journalist, every Western academic, everyone at the BBC, over the brains of Mike Pompeo, over Abe’s tombstone, over Morrison and Turnbull’s brain and over the Sri Lankans who repeatedly lie or fail to acknowledge that the vast majority of debt Sri Lanka owes is to the West, not to China.  There was NEVER a China debt trap. That was a false narrative propagated by Western interests to disguise the true picture about the vast US and Western debt trap.”

B = The Voice of America film in that article is US propaganda deceiving the world. They should be shut down for not informing people with accurate information.

C = “Most of all, the article should be tattooed over the brains of Peter Jennings and every senior  “Researcher ” at ASPI [in Australia] and all those “academics ” at the Lowery Institute who wrote and published false reports of China debt trap in Sri Lanka to divert our attention away from the true debt trap which is the Western neoliberal debt trap This act of misinforming and deceiving Australians and the world in such a devious way should demand all of them to resign as they are not serving the Australian people by constantly lying to them.  And to all the Australian journalists who used these reports to repeat the same lies should go too.  They are a disgrace to journalism and are not journalists but agents of US, Australian and Western propaganda whose goal is to 1)  deceive their own oeoples and 2) damage China’s reputation and its right to very food development projects around the world which brings true peace and prosperity,  not the fake peace and prosperity promoted by the West.


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2 responses to “Western Deception re Sri Lanka: Many Agencies

  1. Chandra Maliyadde

    Whether it is the West or China Sri Lanka is in debt over the nose with a begging bowl in the hand. Pearl in the Indian ocean

  2. Richard Simon

    Does it make a difference that the debt to ‘the West’ is held by commercial entities not governments?

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